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Bold and the Beautiful

The former Favorites converge on the beach to determine their vote. It comes down to either Matt or Julia. Some want Julia because she's weak and unhelpful in challenges. Cochran pushes for Matt because he's too close to Michael and they need to break that up, and Cochran is pretty sure that Matt doesn't have an Idol. Dawn agrees. Phillip and Cochran thinks they should keep both Matt and Michael, because they think they can be flipped. No one asks, "Why? We don't need them." Perhaps they are thinking of post-merge, in case the other half of their alliance takes up with Reynold/Eddie/Sherri? Corinne, surprisingly, agrees with Phillip. I mean, at some point, your alliance is too big, right? Corinne interviews that she's glad her gay got saved. Ugh, shut up, Corinne. Corinne thinks Julia is boring and made them lose the challenge, so she should go. Corinne is a garbage person.

Tribal Council. Matt immediately says that he was psyched to play with the people he had watched and enjoyed on TV. Julia admits that the Fans are in "a little bit of trouble" since they're in the minority. A little bit? Does she understand voting? And alliances? I can't figure out if she's purposely downplaying it or if she truly believes someone from the other side is just going to go rogue and vote out Dawn.

Corinne talks about how awesome the new tribe members are, and who she wishes she could replace some of her own alliance members with them. Wow. That's a great way to keep your alliance members happy. Anyway, she struggles with tonight's decision, because she doesn't feel it's fair. Probst asks Phillip how he's making his voting decision, and Phillip says he's looking for people who are loyal, trustworthy, good at challenges, and who can follow instructions post-merge. He sounds like he's going to ask someone to assassinate a fellow player. I mean, what's he going to ask them to do? Vote a certain way? Let's take the drama down a notch, Phillip.

Corinne says that she's worried that one of them has the Hidden Immunity Idol, and it could screw up her alliance's plans, because she knows that they wouldn't tell her if they did. Matt says he told Corinne he doesn't have it, and he thinks Julia or Michael would tell him if they did, and he's saying that none of them have it. Corinne wants to believe him, but it would be "Survivor 101" to keep it concealed. Phillip adds that their fears over someone having an Idol are driving their vote tonight.

Probst tells Cochran that, when deciding on a vote, you also have to consider what's happening on the other tribe, which is an unknown. Cochran agrees, and says that if they keep losing challenges, that will only make the other tribe grow closer since they have the good feelings of winning and also no bad feelings about voting someone out. Cochran calls them "the bold and the beautiful group" and doesn't think he would be a member.

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