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What It Takes To Walk

Chapera, also Day 16. Rupert is working on building a fishing spear, since they lost out on the last one. Tom is watching. I'm not sure what Rupert is even building the spear from, but he points out that it will clearly draw blood from a fish, because it's already drawing blood from him. It seems to be made from a nail protruding from the end of a stick. As we see Jenna, Rob, and Amber still sleeping, Tom interviews that the arrival of Rupert and Jenna put some pressure on him, but that he really likes "old Rupert." I love the fact that Big Tom calls Rupert "easygoing." Hope he doesn't get any votes, Big Tom, or you're going to be looking at the ugly end of an apoplectic fit, and you'll find out just how "easygoing" "old Rupert" actually is. I really do hope that it isn't too long before the rest of these people get to see Rupert bellow like a loony. Tom says that on the down side, Rupert's presence could eventually work to his disadvantage, because Rupert could fill some of the same role Tom himself does. I assume he means "experienced large strong guy," although he could also mean "pushy guy with a boatload of obnoxious affectations." Chapera goes out on what seems to be a sort of fish-stalking expedition, and Rupert voices over that "the role of provider is wide open." He's happy that none of the existing Chaperians can fish. He points out that some of them do eat the snails, which we see Sue gathering, but Rupert says he wants to bring oysters and fish to the group, because apparently he thinks that will make them happier. He says that Sue wants to be the provider, but that she's only providing the snails, which aren't the kind of quality seafood that he is capable of giving. Have you had Rupert's Oysters Rockefeller? Divine. Made from real vice presidents. As Sue pries snails off a rock, she explains that nobody originally wanted to eat the snails, but that as time goes on, everybody seems more willing to eat them. Hunger will do that. She seems to say that she doesn't eat the rice, so she doesn't know why they have to eat her snails, but...why wouldn't she eat rice? Eh? Is she on Atkins? Crazy low-carb people. (Just kidding! Don't email me!) Anyway, just as she sits up with a bag of snails, she tips it the wrong way and they all spill out. "Aaaaargh," she moans. "Re-collect!" Hee. I actually thought it was a little bit cute how she said that. And I don't usually think "cute" and "Sue" in the same sentence.

Pirate-licious flutelike music tootles serenely as we watch Rupert the Putative Fish Guy swimming around underwater, desperately trying to stab something living. Boston Rob and Big Tom observe from a distance, and Rob mutters, "I want to catch some fish. Grizzly Adams out there's trying to pretend like he's a big man. He's brought home two little fish the whole time he's been here." Rob then interviews that if Rupert catches fish, that's great: "He can continue to feed me until it's time fuh him to go. And that time will be determined by me. So he better catch a lot of fish...keep my belly full." Yeah, to some degree, he's just playing up that caricature, but to some degree, he's not, and it's very tiresome. He's one of those people who is far more palatable when slightly insecure. ["What they should have done is blended the cockiness of Boston Rob and the insecurity of Amazon Rob to create some kind of Uber-Rob." -- Wing Chun]

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