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What It Takes To Walk

Back at camp, Rupert asks Sue whether she wants to fry up some food, and she says no. She's just kind of laid out on the bench, looking extremely depressed. "Sue was distant, nonresponsive...throwin' in the towel," Rupert interviews. Only Rupert could make this moment into something having to do with being a quitter. How many of this nitwit's fifteen minutes are left on the big clock on the wall, anyway? I am absolutely murderously bored with him. At camp, Rupert asks Sue if she's okay, and then he voices over that, at the challenge, "she could have handled it different. She could have stopped it right then and said 'foul.' Instead, she turns her head, says 'oh, that's gross,' and goes on. Thinks about it, processes it, comes up with her own agenda, and goes on with that." Wow. I didn't realize he had personal knowledge of the inner workings of Sue's brain, but he apparently does. I'm sure happy to know he's working with the troubled teens, and I hope that he tells all of them that if you don't fully take care of something at the moment it happens to you, then if you get upset about it later, you'll just be "coming up with your own agenda." Stupid crybabies.

Sue walks on the beach alone again, some more, and Alicia sits back at camp and chats with Big Tom. Alicia says she feels like she can't argue the point with Sue, because she doesn't know how Sue feels. She should ask Rupert, because he obviously knows exactly how Sue feels, so he could tell her. "She's humiliated," Alicia says. "She feels completely humiliated." Big Tom: "I mean, I feel like she might be blowing it know, I'm not that woman, but whatever." Totally incongruously and (I suspect) somewhat out of sequence, he interviews: "Earlier, Sue was [something] this traaaahbe that we couldn't get rid of her. But I want it to be known right up. By God, I don't need her. She's very overbearing, and in my opinion, if it was up to the old jungle cat, I say stick a fork in her, she's done."

Meanwhile, back at Mogo Mogo, Jerri says she's making a grocery list. What's interesting to me is that I wondered whether they were asked to do this, given that there's a food challenge coming up. Might they have been asked to say what foods they missed most? I'm not sure I believe she just did this to do it. But anyway, she talks about the fact that, at Saboga, they had a lot of food, including a lot of plantains and coconuts. And at Mogo Mogo, it's just rice. Her grocery list, which she's reading to Lex, includes "honey roasted extra crunchy peanut butter" as well as "marshmallows, big and small," which I thought was funny. I have a feeling if you had big ones, you could break them into little ones. It's not like you don't have time. Inside, Shii Ann and Kathy whine to each other about the fact that Jerri's talking about food. Kathy says she hates talking about food so early on. It makes her just start thinking about a big sundae, and then there are mirages and so forth. Shii Ann bitches in an interview that she's unhappy that their food provider was voted out. Which is why her subtitle in Richard Hatch's Field Guide To Gullible Dimwits was "Ripe For The Picking." "Oh, Richard Hatch, I miss you already," she moans, like, quit it, Shii Ann. Go get a button with his damn picture on it, pin it to yourself, and quit it.

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