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What It Takes To Walk

Later, Lex and Ethan discuss fishing. Lex interviews that he knew Hatch was territorial about fishing, so he didn't want to get into it until Hatch was gone. But now, he and Ethan head hopefully for the water. A giant turtle swims toward a meeting of the new Animal Actors Union, devoted to getting residuals for all the critters that grace this show every week. Lex's legs vanish under the water, as Ethan sits on a rock looking kind of skinny and tired. There's a great shot of Lex getting a fish, and then an even better shot that shows Ethan sitting on the rock just as, out in the water, you see Lex emerge with the spear with the fish on it. What a great shot -- the camera guys rule. Ethan and Lex celebrate the fish. Wooo, fish! We celebrate you...and devour you. I think there's a metaphor there for certain concepts of celebrity, but it's probably more than I can take on this week. Ethan voices over, as they bag this fish and Lex goes for another one, that although he did want to be the fisherman, he didn't try it today. He says that he "let" Lex catch all the fish today. Uh huh. ["Yeah, like I let Lex catch all the fish today." -- Wing Chun] Lex gets another fish. Lex voices over that he didn't think there was any reason to tell people he was a fishing genius until now. "I think that holding your cards a little closer is always a good idea in Survivor." He and Ethan return to camp with their substantial haul of fish. Not only are there several fish, but there are several kinds of fish, which is pretty cool. "Lex is a competitor," Colby interviews. "This is not his first rodeo, as we say in Texas." Heh. Colby says that, indeed, he put Lex's fishing ability in the permanent file, knowing he may have to deal with Lex later. They all talk about what a treat it is to have such an array of fish. Lex says that he has "the favor of the girls" (ick) at this point, and that if he can be a good provider, they have no reason to keep Colby or Ethan around. Feh. That comment gave me all kinds of uncomfortable daddy vibes, though I don't think he meant it quite that way.

At Chapera, various people are walking in a pensive manner on the beach. I think it's safe to say that this would be the episode where I would have made the best use of a macro for that. Then we see Jenna walking with Amber and Rupert, telling them that when she came to the tribe, she felt like a "sacrificial lamb," because Rupert can get fish, but she has no value at all. Not that she says precisely that. Amber voices over as the three of them join the Rahbfather that she and Rob had the idea of forming an alliance with Rupert and Jenna, telling them that Amber and Rob feel threatened and need more help. They all discuss a possible alliance, as Rob interviews that "momentum is huge." He says that when you have momentum, you try to keep it. "Rupert has a squeaky-clean image and attitude," Rob says. "There's something about him I just don't I formed an alliance with him." Heh. Slightly funny. Back in the alliance meeting, Jenna confirms that of course, she's all over being in an alliance with them -- yay! Let's all be friends! Rupert interviews that, at first, he didn't trust anyone. Now he trusts Jenna, and he hopes he can trust Rob and Amber. Rupert should really consult the book he has filled with all the knowledge he has gained about strategy. Of course, he would find it empty, so I guess maybe he needs to get writing if he wants to fill three pages before he dies. Rob then gives a speech at the summit or whatever it is, in which he explains that if you honor your alliance, you go to the end. But there's always somebody who "gets greedy" and jumps off the boat. Rupert makes Amber look at him and shake hands, because of course, scientists have demonstrated that it is impossible to look at someone's face and lie to him at the same time. Something about enzymes. "You have my word," Rob tells them, because that's just what Rob does. Other people eat rice; Rob gives people his word. In his interview, however, he says that he now has alliances with everyone but Sue and Alicia, and what alliance he chooses to honor will just depend on how things go. How is this guy still getting people to get into alliances with him? "It's my game, buddy," he says. And I hate him because he's so cocky and arrogant,'s kind of true. Unlike, say, Rupert, he can back up the bluster with something a little more substantial.

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