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What It Takes To Walk

After some more commercials and a fresh Inappropriateness Warning, Jerri and Lex head out to pick up some treemail. It implies a reward challenge for food, and something involving stomping. The treemail is also printed on the outside of a bag with a small amount of coffee in it, which Jerri deliriously inhales. Lex says they can try to make coffee with it. "I'd be up for five days," Jerri laughs. "I've been dying all day today to be alone with Lex," she interviews. We see her tell Lex that he can trust her. In fact, he can trust her "150,000 percent." ["Well, now she's just too trustworthy." -- Wing Chun] She also says, "I absolutely adore you," and he's like, "Okay." Which is a great (in the sense of "hilarious") answer. He tells her that he trusts her, too, and they hug. Lex interviews that the conversation he had with Jerri was totally sincere, and that he likes her, but that he's also going to do what's necessary to advance in the game, and if that means taking advantage of situations where there's "a friend that might trust [him]," then that's what he's going to do. "It's business this time," he says. I think of all these people, Lex and Colby are the two I haven't yet wanted to punch at some point.

Back at Chapera, the players discuss the upcoming reward challenge. They talk about wanting seasonings, meat, wine...basically all the stuff they don't have. "Every day we talk about food out here," says Rob, "because as good as the rice's terrible. And there has to be some light at the end of the tunnel. We're staaah-vin' over he-ah." Rupert asks Sue if she's hungry, and she says she's not. Around the fire, Tom complains that Sue's whole falling-apart-at-the-seams thing will hurt the whole team. Mm-hmm. In an interview, Rupert says, "Sue is Sue. She will endure and pursue her own agenda. She doesn't give a damn about what anybody else is doing. Ultimately, Sue having her own agenda will hinder her." Thank you, oh wise one. Rupert explains that it alienates her from the tribe, which I am so happy he pointed out, because I couldn't tell it was having that effect at all from the way she never talks to the rest of them because they're such total assholes to her. Alicia tries to get the tribe thinking about winning the challenge to get them back up on their feet. Alicia interviews that they support Sue, but that they still have to play the game, and that, I have no problem with.

We swing over to a fat swirl of white beach, where Jeff is standing to call in the tribes. They get to their mats. Jeff points out to Chapera that Mogo Mogo booted Hatch. Jeff says that before they get to the challenge, he wants to talk about yesterday. "Richard Hatch," he says, and looks over expectantly at Sue, "sorta being inappropriate?" "Sorta," Sue says, with her eyes downcast. "Anybody have any comments?" Jeff says. "I was sexually violated," says Sue. And the body language is just all kinds of interesting here, because Amber and Alicia and Jenna all basically look at the ground in front of them, while Big Tom, Rob, and Rupert are all watching Sue. She bites her lip and takes a step forward. "To have some guy come up...he passed a half a dozen people on platforms and never touched 'em." "Sue," Jeff says, "I -- I'm --" "And it went too far," says Sue. "And he crossed the line, and he crossed the line with me." Jeff tries again with "Well --," but Sue cuts him off again: "Okay, I know you don't know. And you didn't see it because his back was to you and he's too big of a fucking slob to see around." And here, Kathy smirks. Nice. "I was violated, humiliated, dehumanized, and totally spent, Jeff," she spits. "And it wasn't 'sorta,' Jeff. 'Cause his back was to you, Jeff. That's all I'm saying, and I'm fucking spent and I'm done with this fucking game." And with the way her face looks, you're never going to convince me that's faked up for effect. This reaction may not be rational, and there may be all kinds of crap contributing to it, but I can't bring myself to question the sincerity of it. ["Eh. I think she meant what she said, but I also think she amplified it because of the situation she happened to be in when the whole mess happened." -- Wing Chun]

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