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What It Takes To Walk

When Jeff comes back to the group, he tells them that the reward is for food. They can either sit down as a group and share the food and talk, or they can play the challenge. Jenna wants to share the food and talk. Not only does Kathy not want to do that, but she's laughing some more at how dumb Jenna is. She really does come off like a complete dipshit in this sequence, I have to say, and it's only reinforced by what she does later. I don't know what her damage is, but she bugged the ever-living bejeezus out of me, which is a shame, because I've usually found her fairly likable. The rest of the group doesn't act obnoxiously dismissive like Kathy does, but the majority clearly (and understandably) wants to play, so that's what they do. Jeff explains that each team has a basket of food items. Each person will run down to a sort of a seesaw setup that you can adjust, and they'll put the food item on the down side of the seesaw. Then you stomp the other end, and the food flies up in the air, and it's supposed to land in a basket eight feet high that's on top of a platform. So you stomp, the thing flies up, and theoretically, if you've got the plank adjusted right, it lands in the basket. Got it? Shii Ann visibly cringes when Jeff explains that every person has to get an item to land in the basket. She likes the sitting out a lot better. The items are sugar, pineapple, nuts, coffee, oranges, and beef. a can. Hmph. Most importantly, the winners also get seven giant steak-and-vegetable kabobs, so that's the really good part. Although you don't have to shoot the kabobs up in the air, because the show's liability insurer is already at home getting direct hits of oxygen as it is. Oh, and the tribes are even, so there will be no sitting out, Shii Ann.

Survivors ready...go! Big Tom and Ethan go first. Big Tom lands his on the first try; Ethan does not. Jenna is next for Chapera, and she gets down there just as Ethan lands his item in the basket on the second try. So now it's Jenna and Shii Ann. They both miss the first shot. Shii Ann's second try is good; Jenna continues to struggle. For some reason, Jenna just cannot do this at all. Jerri goes for Mogo Mogo and scores on her second try. Jenna? Still struggling. Colby hits on his first try. Jenna? Misses some more. New Non-Improved Hate-able Kathy is next for Mogo Mogo. Finally, Jenna gets it to go. Rob is next for them. Kathy misses. Rob hits. Kathy hits. Lex misses. Alicia hits. But then Lex hits, and Mogo Mogo wins. Pooooor Jenna. Heh. Mogo Mogo celebrates. Yay! Bleh. I hate everyone right now, and can't bring myself to be happy for anyone but Lex. Yay, Lex gets steak! Well, and Jerri. She was so hungry. Well, and I think Colby tried to be nice. Even Shii Ann got a little sympathy in there. Okay, just Kathy should have no steak. No steak for Kathy. Kathy can eat sand. Smile about that, Smirky. Both tribes mosey back toward camp. My head is just pounding at that sequence.

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