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Grace Deferred

When we get back from the last set of ads, Jeff references the "newbies" getting ready to come on the next installment, and then we see that the location for said next installment is the ruins of Mayan civilization in Guatemala. They "harnessed the knowledge of the stars." Oh, and guess what? Human sacrifice! That will make for excellent challenges. And also, once again, it appears that we have volcano action. I love the idea of castaways living within a set of ruins, so that they can truly do some damage to something that can't be replaced, rather than just a lot of foam-rubber boulders. Jeff wraps up by sending all of us to eBay to buy memorabilia for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. And also, you should apply for the show! But only, Jeff says, "if you'll play with a broken ankle." Could he be a bigger jerk? Jeff Probst wouldn't go on air with a broken blood vessel in his nose without throwing an apoplectic fit. Broken ankle, my eye.

And...I'm never going to find a better sentiment on which to exit than that, I think. That will do it for Palau, for threecap season, and for another round of hilarity from the Mark Burnett Accounting Firm and Alligator Wrestling company. Join us in the fall, people. Because...human sacrifice.

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