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Grace Deferred

Jeff asks Bobby Jon about never being voted out, but just losing the damn tiebreaker. He says yes, it's nice not to be voted off. "Still feels good, but you still lose," he says. "I wear my winning hat like a man, and I wear my losing hat like a man," he says. I bet Bobby Jon actually owns both of those hats. How much do you want to bet? His winning hat has a brim, and his losing hat has earflaps. Jeff asks him where his work ethic comes from. Bobby Jon says that he'd credit his family and "the people of Troy, Alabama." "That's all they do there is work," he says. Ouch. I don't think the Troy, Alabama movie theater is appreciating that comment, nor the Troy, Alabama public library, nor the Troy, Alabama gentlemen's club. And then Jeff bores the crapola out of me by asking about Jellyfish Lake, like, who cares? Shut up, Jeff. Bobby Jon found peace at Jellyfish Lake, blah blah blah, and is this why we're all here? To find out how the swimming was? No, it is not.

Jolanda. Jeff talks to her about being the first out, and she points out that her team full of "young adults" didn't really appreciate her wisdom as an older person. She basically claims that everyone between eighteen and thirty is out to prove that they know everything. I sort of understand her point, but she also needs to take a little more responsibility for having been horrifically bossy, because that didn't help her any. She says the team didn't want to be a team, and that she knew that the team would "self-extinct." Wow. Now there's a non-word you don't hear every day. Jeff asks Angie whether Jolanda is right about Ulong, and Angie says yes, the team didn't listen to each other. Jolanda jumps back in to add that Ulong also underestimated Koror very badly, figuring it was made up of old and rickety people, and that she tried to explain how the old people are wily, but no one listened.

Jeff asks Ibrehem about having changed his game plan after Jolanda left, but Ibrehem sort of bristles, saying that he just decided not to have a "strong personality." Not sure there was a huge risk of that. I'm just saying. I think it's Ankle-Jeff who mutters, "We got put on a cursed island," which is a little bit awesome, if not the world's best example of embracing responsibility for one's own destiny. And then Jeff announces "couples updates" after the break, and someone's "dramatic life change." I'm so bored with this stuff. I don't care about life changes. Ask them why they're all such nimrods! I am displeased.

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