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In yet another New Scene, we learn that when Casaya went to make use of its soap, the girls decided that they wanted to segregate the soap so that they wouldn't have to use the same grubby soap as the boys. Apparently, they have not learned from Chandler Bing that the great thing about soap is that "it's self-cleaning." In fact, Courtney complains that the soap has hairs on it, which...why should the men have to deal with each other's hair and you shouldn't? What sense does that make? Just tell hairy people to take the hairs off the soap. How hard is that? Instead, Courtney brings the soap to the group, wrapped in a twee, The-Body-Shop kind of way in green leaves, and tells them that this one that's all wrapped up is the girls' soap. Shane rather sensibly refers to this as a plan of "lunatics." Given how much I can't stand Shane, you can imagine how much it pains me to tell you that I find it a little bit funny when he goes way out of his way to make sure they know that he is washing his ass by sliding their bar of soap around in it. It's gross, but they just couldn't deserve it any more than they do. I want to see Courtney wash with that bar of soap. She'll take off a quarter-inch layer of it first.

The tribes competed at a reward challenge, Casaya got food, and Terry went back to Exile Island. Casaya had a flood at their house. They ate raw fish, but no one died. Bruce and Bobby sucked down a bottle of wine in the outhouse, which was basically Bobby's way of going down in a blaze of glory. Then La Mina won immunity, and Casaya sent Bobby home. Bobby interviews that he was thrown off by a bloc of weaklings, which is true.

Shane wanted out of the alliance; no one argued with him. Sally was trying to preserve herself if she possibly could. Casaya won the next challenge, and they protected Sally from the boot by sending her to Exile Island. Backs to the wall, the remains of La Mina collapsed all over Very Pale Dan, and he was sent packing. Meanwhile, Casaya ate a lot of food, and Shane went back to smoking. He tried to sell reconciliation to Chiclets, but it's not clear at all whether she was buying. Dan says in his interview that he had an awesome time. Well, he would. Thus, the old boys' club was destroyed, and women had to be let in to play golf, and Geena Davis really was the president. I insist these things are true.

Now, Jeff explains, we are down to ten. Doesn't that seem like...a lot? He promises that risks will get greater, and we are once again promised a medical emergency that might force someone to leave. The show is about to return, so you had better be ready. That's Terry and Aras scrapping in next week's episode, and either one of them getting poked in the eye would be pretty much okay with me.

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