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Remember how Misty decided to tell her tribe that she had found the immunity idol? It turns out that she didn't do a very good job, because they didn't really believe her. In a New Scene, the four younger women sit around the fire, and Courtney interrogates Misty about how exactly she found the idol. She asks a lot of questions about exactly how long the digging took, exactly when it was found, and so forth. Misty mentions that she thinks Courtney is good at telling that Misty's lying because Courtney is so deceptive that she recognizes that Misty is not good at not being truthful. It's a great example of one of my least favorite interview snippets, which is, "I was just really too awesome to win." Courtney interviews that Misty definitely either does or does not have the idol. You know, depending. On whether she does or doesn't have it. For her part, Sally interviews that she's not buying it. She thinks that Chiclets and Courtney believe it, though.

Remember the part about Tina's dead son? And how awkward we all felt about being moderately glad that she was voted off so that we wouldn't have to watch conversations between her and Charlie all season? Yeah. And remember how Cirie maneuvered to save her own ass, even though she was the one who was afraid of leaves? Well, it worked. Interestingly, Tina interviews that she thinks that, on a conventional larger tribe, she wouldn't have been eliminated as quickly, because men would have been more likely to recognize the importance of her strength and her knowledge. I really...hope that isn't true.

New Scene. The older men are at their camp during a drowning rainstorm, and Bruce declares that he has some kind of an irritation on his hands, and that he's going to wash his hands with the drinking water. In spite of the fact that it is pouring down rain, and one would think that if you needed to rinse your hands, there might be an easier way than grabbing the drinking water. I've heard of "water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink," but I don't think I've ever heard "water, water, falling from the sky, and not a drop to rinse your hands." Bruce's answer to the suggestion that he wash his hands in the ocean is merely, "I'm not going in the water." That is not the most convincing argument of all time, there, Parched Guy. Shane interviews that this struck him as "unacceptable," particularly during a downpour. Why is Shane the most sensible person during these thirty seconds?

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