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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

Jeff asks about the rivalry between Aras and Terry. Aras 2.0 says that the rivalry was very important, because Terry was "an awesome competitor" who beat him most of the time and pushed him to do better. Terry is wearing a bright pink shirt, by the way. That interesting choice. Aras 2.0 also points out that Terry winning immunity so many times basically protected him from being voted out, because any week that Terry hadn't won immunity, Aras's team would have voted for Terry, and Terry would have gotten his crew (if there were any of them left) to vote out Aras. As it was, Aras's team was forced to leave Terry alone, thus leaving the HII alone and denying Terry his opportunity to boot a person of his choosing, as he could have done if he had ever lost immunity. Gee, I think I remember someone saying something very much like that. Jeff drives home the point to Terry that the way he played the game really helped Aras win. Everyone laughs, because it's true, and nothing is funnier than watching somebody else's stupidity pointed out. A Survivor reunion is much like a high-school reunion where you don't have to be amazing or anything, you just don't want to be the one with the really bad boob job about whom everyone else says, "What the hell happened there?" On this show, nobody wants to be the one who most stupidly threw away the game, so everyone's up for laughing heartily at how much somebody else did.

Jeff asks Terry for his opinion of Aras, referring to their relationship as "father-son." I love the idea that any older guy and younger guy who despise each other with a vicious fury should be thought of as "father-son." I suddenly wonder how many basketballs were bounced off the head of young Jeff Probst. I certainly don't seem to recall anyone suggesting that Jenna Morasca treated all the wrinkly old women as her surrogate mothers. Anyway, Terry is asked whether he respected the rivalry, and Terry says he "respected it totally," except, of course, for the parts where he made sure to explain that when he lost, he could have won had the rules been properly explained. He respected the rivalry entirely, except for that. Terry congratulates Aras for having offered up an apology, saying that his own role was merely to "listen to what [Aras] had to say." So if you were wondering whether Terry ever concluded that he maybe also owed an apology for his role in turning things between the two of them into the groundbreaking case of Yoga v. The Military, also known as My Equipment v. Your Equipment, the answer is apparently "no."

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