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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

And now: Shane, who is dressed like an overgrown schoolboy, with shorter hair, a pullover sweater, and these giant, flapping shirt cuffs that appear to be a far more daring fashion statement than he is capable of pulling off. At the moment, he is only being asked about Cirie. His own crazy is for later. Jeff asks Shane about a comment he has apparently made to the effect that he (Shane) was very impressed with Cirie when he watched the show. Shane says something very lucid -- even cogent -- by remarking that Cirie was the one who "played by far the best social game out there." Totally true. He says that she was "dead in the water" early on, or so he believed to what he refers to as his own "delusionment." Jeff asks Shane about his comment that Cirie was the underdog, and Shane says that everybody can learn from her: "she is the everywoman." He says that if anybody is thinking about trying out and thinks they can't do it, Cirie would be an inspiration: "She absolutely wasn't going further than day six, and she put her head down, she worked hard, and she just got along, and then you watch her go, 'Wow, I could win,' and she orchestrated her own madness." Man, that was...oddly articulate and well said. What's up with that?

Jeff then moves on to Bruce, saying that Bruce's exploding intestines are probably the most painful thing ever on the show, after Skupin falling into the fire on his hands. I'm not even sure Skupin would beat twelve days of blocked innards, if we're talking cumulatively. Jeff reminds us all that everything was all stopped up when Bruce got to the hospital, and asks how long he was in pain. Bruce says that it had been increasing for about twelve days. Jeff checks in that he's entirely okay now, and Bruce assures us that he is, and also confirms that he has a new tooth to replace the one he chipped on Nick's machete. Jeff explains to us that if you make the decision as a contestant to call in the doctor, then you assume the risk that if the doctor says you have to leave, you have to leave. I would hope that there's more to it than that, because I would hope that at some point, whether you want a doctor or not, they'll bring one in and take you out if you need to go. I think many of us wondered whether that should have happened with Bruce before it did.

Jeff also asks Bruce about something very interesting: apparently, Bruce had some issues with his job when he left it for Survivor. Bruce says that before he left, he was "threatened" with loss of his job if he stopped showing up, but he left anyway. I have to say, this argument doesn't hold much water with me. I don't see why your job is obligated to give you time off just because you want to go play a game on TV for money. People are denied time off for things far more compelling than that. If you want to keep your job, don't leave it at random for a month. Bruce says that what actually wound up happening is that he was suspended without pay. Certainly, if I were another employee, and I found out that someone received special treatment outside the usual benefit package in order to go be on Survivor, I would be royally pissed. It's not really a very good reason to miss work, from the standpoint of your job. You don't need to go on Survivor; you just want to, the same way someone else might want to go play tennis in France. I never feel sorry for people in this situation. Anyway, Bruce is back at work now, and still loves teaching after thirty-four years. Well, thirty-four years minus however long he was suspended.

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