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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

Jeff moves on to Terry, who has something to present to Cirie: a fishing trophy. Hee. I like that mounted fish, and Cirie likes it, too. Jeff promises that after the commercial, we will hear about Shane and his odyssey, beginning with his decision to choose his thirty-nine day isolation from his support system and his doctor as his opportunity to quit smoking. What a good idea that was, huh? Good thing he didn't have mood swings!

When we come back, it is, indeed, Shane Time. Jeff uses this as an incredibly awkward and ham-handed way to cram in a mention of Click, a movie that sounds almost as much like a movie recappers would invent as Taxi did. Somehow, this leads us into a montage of the full complement of Shane craziness, including the Thinking Seat, the wooden Blackberry, the shrieking, the ball rash, and the general descent into madness. Jeff asks Shane to comment on whether he was actually "losing [his] mind." Shane says that he was trying to quit a three-pack-a-day smoking habit and had very little water, which (I didn't know this) is apparently one of the things you're supposed to make sure you have plenty of when quitting. Thus, he was truly going out of his tree. (Much like Keith Richards.) Jeff says that he thinks Shane doesn't mind if he shares that Shane's been through AA, which I doubt Jeff would have mentioned if Shane hadn't explicitly given the okay ahead of time. Jeff has been working in reality TV for an awfully long time, and he's probably too smart to expose the show to the kind of mess that could create. Jeff asks how this quitting compared to other quitting, and Shane says that nothing has been as hard in his life as the first ten days off of cigarettes.

Jeff asks about the really, really crazy stuff like the Thinking Seat and so forth; was that for real, or was Shane "playing the social game"? Shane threatens to make me like him again when he gives an awesome answer that it was hardly playing the social game, given that he would do one of those things, and then he would go off by himself and think how he was murdering himself by making everyone hate him. He really does have the capacity to be very funny, which I suspect accounts for much of the strange reserve of affection that Cirie, in particular, continues to have for him. Jeff asks whether at some point, unlikeability became his strategy, and Shane says that it kind of did. He takes the opportunity -- again, to his credit -- to apologize to Chiclets's boyfriend and dad for his "everybody takes care of you" crapola, saying that he just was losing it at that point. He says that was where he decided to maybe make a Fairplay move and go for the villain spot. It backfired a little, though, because people eventually stopped reacting and would let him just go off and get over it. So it's like he couldn't be not-obnoxious, but he couldn't be obnoxious enough for everyone to want him in F2. He's probably envious of Courtney, who was that obnoxious without even trying. So anyway, he was screwed. Not hated enough! Who knew? Shane says that he thinks he was "somewhat likeable," and many applaud.

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