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The Removal Of Rudy

Oh, and Rudy. Jeff asks Rudy what about the game continues to appeal to him. He says that he's not sure why he's there again, which makes his tribemates chuckle. He says he's three years slower than the last time he did it. He says he likes it, though -- it's tolerating the people, not the elements, that's the challenge. Jeff asks him how he is physically. He says he's good -- he cites the foot, but says it's getting better. Jeff now asks Rupert about any fear of being the odd man out because he's the new guy. Rupert says certainly he has that fear. "My one saving grace right now, I caught a fish!" he says, with enough good humor that it doesn't come off as self-important at all. "I poked it with a stick, I caught a fish!" he says. Everyone else is chuckling, while Ethan stares at Rupert with hate. Hee. Hmmm, Rupert may get extra points with me for being Guy Who Foils Ethan. You know what they say about the enemy of my enemy, after all.

Jeff now turns to Ethan, asking whether catching fish makes Rupert more valuable. Ethan noncommittally says, "Yeah." Jeff asks him if he had any reaction when Rupert showed up with the fish. Ethan says he was psyched that he would get to eat. But of course, he mostly talks about how this relates to the coolness of himself. "Yeah, I didn't catch a fish first, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to catch ten tomorrow," he says., but the fact that you were utterly ineffectual, claiming that the spear "bounced off" the fish, makes me suspect that you will indeed not catch ten fish tomorrow, unless they come crawling up to you, play dead, and ask -- no, beg -- to be stabbed. Jeff asks Ethan about Tina's having been voted out because she's won before. Does this make Ethan nervous? Sure, he acknowledges. His "insides are upside-down." Aha! So the crap is rising to the top. That explains a lot. He says he has a target on his back, and seems disbelieving and frustrated that it's "out there in the open." I guess he wishes they'd lie to him more.

Jeff asks how the vote goes tonight. "Is there a chance that it's still a money issue?" he asks Jenna. She says there is. She explains to Jeff that people get voted out all the time for being "too strong, too alpha-male, too much of a provider." She doesn't see how voting off a winner is any different -- isn't that the strongest person of all? In fairness, that's really not what she said last week about why she didn't want the previous winners to win again, and although I think she's right under either theory, I'm not sure she can have both. She adds that you vote off the people you see as competition, because that's the only thing you can do. It makes sense to vote off people who are proven competitors.

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