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The Removal Of Rudy

In his exit speech, Rudy says that he was caught off-guard, because he had talked to everybody a couple of hours ago, and thought they were still voting off Ethan. He's upset with Jerri and Jenna for voting him out: "If I was them, I'd stay clear of me. I got a lot of friends." Heh. It's funny -- there were people who were really put off by that, but it never would have occurred to me to take it seriously or to think he was really trying to be menacing. I took it as more of an "I'll get you, dammit," which doesn't really mean "I'll get you." Aw, Rudy.

Next week: Rupert versus Jerri in the Clash of the Big Giant Egos, and Hatch taking on a big giant shark. Who will get out alive? No one's eardrums, I'm thinking.

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