Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty As Hell

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The Removal Of Rudy

The clouds shift. Chanting voices bring news of the growing sense of desperation, and also sound a little bit like ambulance sirens.

Jerri interviews that the previous night was "the most miserable night of [her] life." She says that she didn't actually get any sleep at all, because she was busy rocking back and forth and trying to stay warm, which was difficult, because everybody was so wet. In a conversation around what the editors would not like you to notice is the fire they don't have yet (yes, you can see smoke) because they would like you not to notice that they took this out of sequence (seriously, never try to fool the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, for they are formidable and devoted), Rudy talks about having been in Vietnam, and how some of the conditions were similar. "Your boots never dry," he muses. Ethan asks if Rudy was ever scared. Rudy looks at him like it's a really, really silly question that he still doesn't blame Ethan for asking. "Was I scared? Yeah, about...the whole year." He chuckles. "Rudy is one of a kind," Jerri interviews with open admiration. She points out that he sleeps on the ground when the rest of them are crowding in under the shelter. She also mentions again that Rudy is all bad-ass about drinking the unboiled water, but as with the previous sequence, when you see him dip water out of a pot with the dive mask, he's clearly dipping it out of the reward challenge pot from later. Jenna, in any event, interviews that with regard to drinking the unsafe water, Rudy "does what he wants," so there's no point in arguing with him. Rudy then tells a campfire -- whoops, lack of campfire, of course -- story about how his military days included trips to a bar that offered the rare opportunity to get ice in your drinks. When he asked at the bar where they got the water, they told him it came from the reservoir, which he knew had about six bodies floating in it at any given time. Ohhhh, sometimes it's easy to forget the luxuries you enjoy on a day-to-day basis. 100% Rotting-Corpse-Free margaritas on the rocks, for instance. Everyone cringes. "Did you drink it with ice?" Jenna asks. "Yeah," he nods. He chuckles at the memory, as if hearing himself say it out loud, it sounds crazy even to him. That was a really nifty little scene. Every once in a while, Survivor actually manages to feed the half of your brain that doesn't make you sort of hate yourself.

We move to Mogo Mogo. Hatch is, I believe, lying under a blanket made of his own skirt, which is...I mean, you know I'm telling the truth, because how could I make that up? This is followed by a great shot of Colby lying on the ground with his buff tied around his head kerchief-style (or actually Jonny-Fairplay-style), looking like the washerwoman in a bad movie about the working classes of 1950s Russia. He interviews that because they haven't been able to get fire, there's no water, and dehydration is a real problem. Shii Ann explains that their tongues turned white from how dehydrated they were. Yeah, I don't think your tongue changing color is ever good news, except in the case of grape Popsicles. "We were just dying of thirst," Shii Ann says. See? Now these are people who could use some grape Popsicles. Lightning appears in the distance as a storm approaches. Before you know it, we're watching rain fall in heavy drops from the edges of rocks and off the ends of plants. The music kicks up with a ray of hope. Perhaps Survivor All-Stars will not end in desiccated tragedy! Lex explains that their first reaction to the rain was that they had to keep dry, but then "the light bulb went on" (I certainly hope it didn't take very long), and they realized that this was a shot at fresh (or at least close enough to fresh) water. Lex and Shii Ann sit under a fringe of palm fronds, sucking water as it drips from the ends. "I never thought I'd be so happy to see tropical rain," says Shii Ann. It appears indeed to be an intense, soaking rain of exactly the kind you need if you want to be able to catch a significant amount of water before it soaks into the trees and the ground. Lex says to Shii Ann that if they can keep it up for a while, he may actually get as much water as he wants. Interestingly, catching it off the ends of dripping leaves is probably a relatively good way of getting water when you're dehydrated, because it keeps you from gulping it down in great big swallows, which would probably just make you throw it up or make you feel sick. I'm guessing, but that's what makes sense to me.

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