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The Removal Of Rudy

Back at camp, they finally get the fire started, and Jenna gets a little too close to it blowing on it, and she gets ashes and sparks back in the face. Whoooops. She interviews that she idiotically got too close to the fire, and that the flying sparks singed the front of her hair. Yikes. Too bad it wasn't Ethan, who put his face just as far into the fire as Jenna did and certainly has just as much hair available for singeing. Ah, well, you can't have everything. Jenna happily adds that singed hair or no singed hair, having fire is "like the power of the gods." Rupert jumps up and down very enthusiastically about having fire, and if they can blur Hatch's ass, I wish they would have blurred what's going on with Rupert's shorts in this scene, because...that is really too much information. I'm starting to think the show needs an underwear prerequisite.

Mogo Mogo. The fire preparations are not going well, particularly, and because there is a storm approaching, Lex suggests that they wait to work on the fire until after the storm. Shii Ann agrees, but Kathy disagrees and wants to keep trying. The most fascinating thing about this tribe is how hard everyone is working not to come off like a control freak. Lex and Kathy are both well aware that they can be bossy, and they're both clearly trying to have their way without alienating anyone. Apparently, whatever Mogo Mogo winds up deciding to do, it doesn't result in having fire, because the rain pours for a while, and then night falls, and Mogo Mogo is still fireless. There does appear to be Hatch-Lex spooning, as reported by the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, though it's beyond my capabilities to tell from the night-vision camera who's who for sure. Kathy and Shii Ann talk, and Kathy blames the "lame boys" for the fact that there's no fire. Come on, Kathy, let's not go down that road. We don't need "lame boys" to be incompetent at camping; we can do that all on our own. We have the vote now, you know.

Day 5, Mogo Mogo. Finally, they get their fire started. Kathy interviews that getting fire is "everything" at this point: "It gives you a purpose." They read the clue on the pot that is supposed to lead to the key. Mogo Mogo goes and pokes around in some cliffs and such, and Hatch appears to be the one who finds it. He then interviews, as full of himself as always, that anyone who looked at their situation would think that it was a big day, what with the fire and the water and everything. He, on the other hand, thinks that's all "outside the game," because only the interpersonal dynamics are important. So I guess his attitude is...that he could easily go thirty-nine days without water? I mean, I see his point in the sense that the voting part is what he cares about, but there's also no denying that sooner or later, you have to have water, and sooner or later, you have to eat. It's when he overplays his routine that way that you can tell Hatch isn't as confident as he pretends to be. Furthermore, purely from an entertainment perspective, this egotistical-bastard routine is wearing thinner than tissue paper at this point, and right now, all he's doing is taking up time that could be spent on people who are more interesting.

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