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Jeff's next order of business is to discuss the Outcast "twist," and the fact that some of the Survivors didn't think it was very fair. Jeff says that you can debate the fairness all day, but what he finds interesting is that Drake responded by welcoming Burton back, while Morgan responded by Andrew's reading Lill out about how unfair it was that she got to come back. He asks Andrew whether he wishes he'd handled it differently. Andrew's like, "Yes, I was an idiot." But he doesn't say it in those words. Now, Jeff turns to Ryan S. -- whom he insists on addressing as "Skinny Ryan," like, ENOUGH -- and asks him whether he'd have any advice for future contestants, given his early exit. Wait, would he really be the right person to give advice? Heh. Ryan says he thinks it's important to go in and make friends quickly. Jeff poses the same question to Trish -- anything she learned? She says that she did the best she could. She was disappointed by being the last person voted into the Outcasts and, for that reason, not feeling like she had much of a chance at getting to know them and being chosen to be voted back in.

After one more commercial break, we return for the wrap-up. Jeff encourages all of us to apply for future seasons. I think not, Jeff. He mentions the upcoming All-Star season, and the fact that it will premiere on February 1, after the Super Bowl. He pimps some paraphernalia that's going up for sale on eBay. Ah, the thrill of the marketplace -- it's the one real constant.

Aaaaaaaaand that's the season. In a month or so, we'll all be together again for the All-Star edition, so get ready for even bigger egos than usual. Imagine that.

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