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And now, Candice and Adam go for a walk to have what is sure to be quite a meeting of the minds. They talk about how much they trust each other. Adam promises her that the two of them will go the end, and then he actually winks and makes the mouth noise, apparently without irony. She tells us that Adam is "a very straightforward person" (boo, guys with layers!), and that she feels lucky to have him. Adorable! It's like watching a washcloth fall in love with a sofa cushion. It's uncomplicated, and I don't think either of them will get hurt. Adam tells Candice that the only problem with their plan to last till the end together is Jenny, who may be suspicious that that's what they're planning to do. He makes it clear that he thinks they need to pay attention to managing Jenny's expectations sooner rather than later. Indeed, Parvati and Jenny are, at this moment, having a chat in which Parvati tries to write off all of Adam and Candice's talking as lovey-dovey, baby-making stuff, calling them "the All-American couple." Jenny is uneasy, and not just in the stomach, the way I am. She interviews that it's supposed to be a group of five -- Nate, Rebecca, Adam, Parvati, and her. No Candice! Ever! She says that they need to make sure Adam doesn't "falter." Inside the shelter, Adam and Candice are lying around holding hands, sort of. He asks her about something on her finger and whether it hurts, and kisses it. She then points out another one that also hurts, so he kisses that too. And another one. And then she's like, "I cut my lip right here!" and he's all, "Didja? Didja?" It's the kind of thing that can be cute, but...not with these people, where even though you intellectually know it's flirting, some part of you believes that it's all very literal, and it's a coincidence that they end up kissing. But in the end, they have a very quick and not very impressive smooch. That's it? Man, that was hardly worth the trouble Candice went to for it.

Credits. Oh, separation based on race. You are so whimsical.

Back from commercials, we are at Aitu on Day 22, where Ozzy is out in the water, fishing. He tells us that his little tribe is still "deep inside of a hole," because they're down by three people, which is a lot. He says that they're "being tested in a way that few Survivors have been able to come out of," but he also says that it's great to be the underdog, and that he doesn't mind it at all. Sundra brings treemail back to the entire group, and it suggests that they're supposed to learn the semaphore alphabet, which is laid out on a board. The team members quiz each other in both directions -- figure out the letter from the description of the flag, and figure out which flag is used when you're given a letter. And then Yul gives this incredibly awesome quote: "For us, we don't have any strategic options, other than to win." Man, that rules. Love him! It's the kind of thing other people sometimes say, but they wind up saying it like this: "For us, we aren't seeing so many in the strategical optimists, except immersing victorious." I appreciate a good line delivered cleanly. The members of Aitu all stand in a little foursome for an Underdog Prayer of sorts. Yul says that they have to work together, because otherwise, they're "screwed." Good point, that.

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