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We move to a challenge beach with sunburst-type markers on the sand. Aitu comes in, then Raro, and it is revealed that Brad was sent home. "Ohhhh," Yul moans unhappily. I seriously think that Yul is sad any time anyone goes home. I think he's stopped saying "integrity" because he now realizes how naïve it is, but you still can see that he's all, "Oh, Brad." Jeff also tells Aitu what Raro found out last night -- that Brad is on the jury. Ozzy makes a surprised face. "Whoa," says Yul. Now, Jeff explains the challenge. Two people with a compass and a coordinate will head out to the sunburst, which has lines going out at each point, but not necessarily in the logical "North is up" arrangement that people would expect based on elementary school, which is why you have to use the compass to figure out what's what. Once they orient themselves, they have to dig at the end of the correct pointer to find a chest buried in the sand. Pull it out, take it back, and it will have on it the next coordinate for the other two people playing for your tribe. When you have all four chests, you untie them all and take out seven tiles showing nautical flags. Use those flags to spell "victory." First tribe finished wins a reward. And what's the reward? A plane trip to a nearby island for a local feast. Also, the chance to send someone to Exile Island.

Raro has to sit out three people, so they pick Rebecca, Nate, and Parvati. Raro is given a first coordinate of North Northwest. Aitu is given a first coordinate of East Northeast. Go! It's Jonathan and Jenny versus Sundra and Yul. Jonathan starts digging at North Northeast, and Candice corrects him that it's North Northwest. Jonathan corrects her back. She corrects him back-back. Jeff notes that they're fucked up already, which is true, and kind of depressing for them. Even more depressing, it appears as though neither Jenny nor Adam was paying enough attention to contribute anything, which means that the team overall has trouble reaching a consensus about a two-word instruction they just received. Jonathan apparently gives in, and he and Jenny switch to North Northwest. Yul and Sundra, however, have found their first chest already. Jenny is basically doing nothing to help Jonathan dig, and Candice and Adam are irritated. They're throwing themselves into the "you're ruining it for our awesome team" routine, which puts great pressure on them to be awesome once it gets to that point. Yul and Sundra pull on their chest, and up it comes from the sand. We're in the lead! Er...I mean, they're in the lead.

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