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Becky and Ozzy head out for a chest at North Northwest. Finally, Jonathan and Jenny get their chest out of the ground. East Southeast is the coordinate for Adam and Candice. Ozzy and Becky are pulling up the second chest. Adam and Candice immediately start eating their own karma when they can't even figure out where East Southeast is, even as Ozzy and Becky pull up the second chest for Aitu. Yul and Sundra are out again. They start digging, and Adam and Candice can't get the chest out of the ground. Yul and Sundra pull up Aitu's third chest, so when they get back, it's three to one. Ozzy and Becky run out for the last chest. Finally, Adam and Candice get the second chest for Raro, but when they get back, Jenny leaves too early, so she and Jonathan have to come back and tag the mat. Heh. Ozzy and Becky have the fourth chest located. "They're on their last chest," Candice says sadly. "We've only got two." Now that was a piece of editing that I think reflects on how the editing staff views Candice, because that was a very simple moment that really, really made her look dumb. Somebody doesn't like her, is what I think. Stepping right in his own incompetence, Adam complains to Candice that he doesn't understand why Jonathan and Jenny are struggling, despite the fact that it took him and Candice forever to dig up that second chest. Jonathan and Jenny are still digging for the third chest when Ozzy and Becky pull up Aitu's final one. Nate buries his head in Parvati's shoulder over on the sidelines. Oh, Nate. Her tiny bones won't help you now.

Now, Aitu works on untying their chests. Here's my favorite part: one chest apparently comes open fairly easily, leaving Sundra free. At that point, she immediately asks, "Okay, who's having trouble?" Becky says she is, so Sundra goes to help her. They are operating like a machine, dude, and they're incredibly well tuned right now. Jonathan and Jenny are digging, but barely, and Aitu is already lining up flags on the table. "Come on," Candice moans, "I'm going to go to exile." Oh, yes, I'd say so. Honestly, what did she expect when she bailed on an alliance? It's part of the game, but so is imposing consequences for things like that. Finally, Jonathan and Jenny get the third chest up and bring it back, so Adam and Candice head out for the last one, but it's awfully late for that. Aitu starts arranging flags. Jeff notes that Adam and Candice look like they're working "in slow motion over there," even now. You'd think that they would keep going, given that we've certainly seen teams flub the puzzle at the end plenty of times. But Aitu doesn't. Aitu finishes, and Sundra reads off the letters: "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y." And indeed, Jeff declares that they are the big winners. They all immediately collapse into one giant group hug. What I like about this team is that all of these individual relationships look really warm and nice. Ozzy is rubbing Becky's's not just the original Yul-Becky pair plus Sundra, you know? Yul looks over, wondering where Raro is, and is surprised to see that they don't even have the last chest up. It's fascinating to me that he was able to focus to the point where he didn't really know what kind of progress Raro was making. He is a really intense guy, in a way that he seems to be able to control, which is what makes it lethal and not just self-destructive, as it is for most "intense" people.

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