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Nate and Adam bring some treemail to the tribe. Predictably, it tells them that there's a challenge coming and that they'll go to tribal council if they lose. It also gives them a map of many, many small islands, and it suggests that they should learn this map. Raro decides that Rebecca should learn the map. Jenny tells us that there haven't been any challenges so far in which Rebecca has done them any good. As opposed, I guess, to Jenny's own brilliant digging this morning, which was tremendously helpful. Parvati decides to help Rebecca to study the map. Jenny thinks Rebecca needs to "show a little more in challenges" if she wants to stick around.

We head to the challenge. Jeff calls in the tribes. He tells them that Candice is back from exile, and here she is indeed. She hugs everyone, especially Adam. Jeff asks about the fact that Candice has barely been with this tribe since she jumped, because she keeps getting sent to Exile Island. She says that she knows her tribe is with her out there. She doesn't mention sexual frustration, but seriously -- you put yourself in very bad shape with your former tribe for the sole apparent purpose of canoodling with your boyfriend, and instead, you wind up chewing on waterlogged sea cucumbers all by yourself? Come on! That's genius, people. Genius.

Jeff explains that each person in the challenge will swim out, one at a time, to a pontoon. Then, they'll dive down and retrieve a bag of island names that's clipped down underwater. When you get back, the next person goes. So when you have all four bags, you move to an answer table, where you have to correctly match ten marked islands with their names. Losers will go to tribal council. Jeff also explains that the losers will take home a bottle with a note in it, but won't get to read the note until they're at tribal council. Somehow, given that the bottle is being sent home with the losers, I do not think the note will be good news.

In this challenge, Raro has to sit out three people again, so they sit Candice, Adam, and Jenny, meaning that Jonathan, Nate, Parvati, and Rebecca are competing. How did Rebecca wind up in an immunity challenge if they know she sucks so much? Couldn't they have used her at the reward challenge and gotten themselves into a position to leave her out of the much more important immunity challenge? There just seems to be a lot of strategic goofiness in the collective Raro "mind." If you want the best team to compete at immunity, you're not going to sit Candice and Adam. I mean, maybe they believe that the law of averages suggests there can't continue to be swimming challenges all the time, but I'd still think you wouldn't bet on Rebecca if you think she hasn't been good at a single challenge yet. Forget the feast and go for the part where you don't get your asses booted off.

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