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Ready...go! The first two swimmers are Ozzy and Nate. What we immediately learn here is that Nate has really, really earned his reputation for being about nothing but gym strength, because he is not much for the swimming. Ozzy quickly gets to the pontoon, so he dives down and unclips the bag. He's on the way back already, and Raro is already behind. Nate doesn't get the bag on the first try, so...there's that. Nate finally gets the first bag and starts back, but he is still losing time, because he's not a good swimmer. Ozzy gets back to the start, so Yul goes next. Yul has the bag for Aitu before Nate even gets back to the start, but he finally does, so Jonathan can go. Yul's return sends Becky out for Aitu, almost but not quite a whole round behind, solely because of Nate. Keep that in mind: Nate took almost twice as long as Yul or Ozzy. Jonathan does make up some time, in part by getting the bag quickly. He returns, sending Parvati out to chase Becky. Becky emerges with the bag, and then Parvati does, so Parvati is gaining on Becky. Becky does beat Parvati back, and then Sundra is tearing out into the water for the final bag for Aitu. While Parvati made up time on Becky, Rebecca is not going to make up time on Sundra. I notice that Rebecca is wearing a shirt over her swimsuit this week, perhaps to avoid another flying-breasts issue. It's a good idea, given how small the swimsuit she brought turned out to be, but I hate to see that, because it makes me think she's really self-conscious about it, which is too bad. Sundra surfaces without the bag the first time, so Rebecca actually gets to the pontoon while Sundra is still there. But then Sundra comes up with the last bag and starts back. It takes Rebecca a couple of tries to get her bag -- just like it did Nate -- so Raro is well behind again. Aitu is already solving its puzzle. Rebecca hauls in the last bag for Raro, so they can start solving. I'm really not sure Rebecca lost much more time for her team than Nate did, not that there will be much discussion of that. ["But let's also consider the decision to have Rebecca -- proven a terrible swimmer -- swim anchor in this challenge. I smell a set-up to trump up a reason to boot her this time." -- Wing Chun] But Raro has barely touched the puzzle when the members of Aitu announce that that they think they have it solved. Which they do. Aitu again.

Aitu has another incredibly warm hug. My favorite part is that Ozzy kisses Becky's head, then Sundra's head, and then he and Yul share a very studly cheek-kiss that kind of surprised me. That is a really well-bonded team -- maybe the most thoroughly bonded tribe I've ever seen, at least for now. It's funny, and I really hope this doesn't happen, but I am tempted to think that if they ultimately are Pagonged, the ex-Aitus will vote as a bloc at the final tribal council, and will come very close to controlling the outcome, considering that I think it's very likely that Brad would get together with them, since he's much more their kind of guy than Nate and Adam's kind of guy. Anyway, Raro looks very unhappy. Jeff hands Aitu the idol after yet another victory. Jeff gives Raro the famous bottle to take back to camp. Bring it to tribal council, he says, but don't open it before that. Jeff sends everybody home. Aitu's celebrating continues.

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