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Rolling Over and Playing Dead
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Hey, remember this season? Well if not, this recap is for you! Production learned how to use Google Earth to show the coastline! The shtick this season was that all eighteen of the castaways would be living on the same beach together, although they were divided into male and female tribes. The men were all about strength and machismo. The women were more about collaboration and unity. And yet, the men won the first six challenges, while the women couldn't even start a fire at camp. But the women finally got their shit together and won three challenges in a row. The men didn't know how to handle losing and Colton convinced them all to give up tribal immunity to get rid of Bill, who did nothing to deserve it. But for some reason, everyone was listening to Colton. Remember that?

Then there was a tribe switch (and the tribes stopped living together, though they don't mention that) and Colton and Alicia teamed up to bully Christina and pretty much everyone else. Luckily, Colton got an attack of belly pain-itis and was medically evacuated before things got too ugly. Like before anyone got killed or stoned to death or whatever. And then the women successfully eliminated all of the men through various methods until there were five women left. And now it's Christina and Alicia versus Chelsea and Sabrina with Kim in the middle and both pairs thinking that Kim's on their side. So this could get interesting.

So here's who we have left: Sabrina, who managed to survive without making any enemies, because her strategy was to stand back and listen; Kim, who's been running the show this whole time, but she's worried things might come crashing down; Christina, who got a lot of elimination votes, but she's still standing and thinks she's "the ultimate underdog"; Chelsea, who is close with the men and hopes that people will reward her hard work by voting for her to win; and Alicia, the city girl with attitude, who somehow managed to stay in the game even though she's made out of garbage. Who will win? I'm going to put my money on either Sabrina or Kim. No one will vote for Christina unless she's smart enough to give a speech about how she bucked the odds and I don't think she is. No one will vote for Alicia because she will get really defensive and mean under jury questioning. No one will vote for Chelsea because they all see her as Kim's lapdog. So I think it comes down to Kim and Sabrina.

Tikiano. Night 36. The women return to camp after voting out Tarzan and Kim says that it felt good for her. She interviews that it felt good to come back to camp, especially thinking about how they started out with no camp and no fire. Alicia interviews that she feels bittersweet about getting rid of Tarzan, because he was "one of [her] powers." I don't think she is using that word correctly. Is she a witch? And Tarzan was under her spell? I know that she means that Tarzan would vote how she told him to vote, but if she believes that's true then why get rid of him?

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