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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Chelsea starts by asking if she can stand and they take a while deciding that she can stand, which was weird. Why is this important? Chelsea says that she and Kim met on day one and they worked together to determine who would stay and who would go. But her game changed at the merge, because she had such a difficult time voting Jonas out and she realized that she needed to take her heart out of the decision-making process. As a result, she thinks some of the jury members may have seen her as cold or aloof. She knows Kim had more emotional connections with them. Chelsea failed to make much of an argument for herself there. It was kind of like, "I did everything Kim did, but I was kind of a bitch about it and didn't get to know anyone."

Kim is up next. She says that she always thought Survivor was a game and she intended to play as hard as she could. She's proud of her strategy, but sending people home took a toll on her, which she didn't anticipate. Every time she had to make a decision, she thought about her family at home and how the money could help them and she prioritized her family over the near-strangers in front of her. She adds that she wouldn't take anything back even if she could, because it all led to her being in the finals and that was her goal. That was great. She is so smart. She didn't suck up and she was honest, but she gave them a reason to vote for her: she played hard and who wouldn't prioritize family over fellow contestants? I'm a little surprised that she didn't mention all of her challenge wins.

Sabrina gives the final opening statement. She says that her strategy was all about balance and to avoid putting a target on her back. She scaled back her physical prowess and purposely lost challenges so people wouldn't consider her a threat. Sabrina also chose not to be "the messenger" and I'm not sure what she's talking about here. She's saying that she DID help with strategy, but she didn't want to get any credit for it so that people wouldn't hate her? That sounds kind of warmish. I thought Sabrina was supposed to be the great speaker?

Time for my least favorite segment: jury questions. It's very rare that useful information is revealed. Usually it's just bitterness. Jonas is first and he starts asking a really serious question about the ground rules, but he can't even get through it without cracking up because he's not serious. He tells Sabrina that he loves her, but she was terrible at challenges and she agrees. He tells Chelsea that she's beautiful, but he wants to know what her boldest move was. Chelsea says that it was her idea to take Kat out. Jonas tells Kim that she played a flawless game until last Tribal, when she didn't take Christina. Kim says that if everyone hated her anyway, they would vote for Christina out of spite and if they thought she played a great game, she could beat whomever she took.

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