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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Alicia still thinks she was a kingpin and compares herself to Kim and says that she would have a good chance of winning if she were still in it. Chelsea and Sabrina are all frown-y like, "Are we even here? Does she see us?" Anyway, Alicia has no questions. It really feels like there are a lot of people just standing up and making statements and sitting down. Lame.

Okay, the Bitterness Train just pulled into the station. You KNOW that Troy is going to be sour. He does congratulate them and says he doesn't hate them. His beef is with Kim though, so he's going to focus on her. Her answer to this question determines his vote and he acts like it will determine whether she will win or not. I think he only gets one vote, right? And I really hope that the other idiots aren't planning on voting with him like lemmings. Anyway, he wants to know when Kim decided to get rid of him. Kim says it was when she took Jonas out. I thought he was asking when she decided she wasn't going to align with him, but I think he was asking what he felt was a factual question. I don't know. He's nut cakes.

Who's left? Oh, Kat. This could also be bitter. Kat says she was really upset when she was voted out and she felt hurt, especially by Kim. However, Kat has had multiple open-heart surgeries and will need another next year so she's learned to be grateful for life and let go of anger. She turns and tells the jury members to let go of their anger and vote for who played the best game. She adds that she would love to be in the finals, but it's a lot easier to smile and forgive and be happy. I SO did not expect that AT ALL. I'm a lot more impressed with Kat than I was previously. However, I do think it may have been a bit of a ploy to be asked to return to the show in a future season.

And then it's time to vote. My recording cut off right in the middle of voting, so I didn't get to see all of the individual votes. Troy voted for Sabrina. Kat voted for Kim. And then Probst gathered the votes and took them to whatever lockbox where they are kept pending the Reunion.

Cut to the reunion. Hey, Blossom is in the audience. I'm surprised one of her kids isn't in a sling on her lap. Anyway, I think Probst has had some Botox since the season ended, because his forehead is not moving. For once, the women actually look pretty good even with all the makeup and weight gain and everything. Sabrina's hair looks better natural, but Kim and Chelsea kind of look the same.

Probst gives this big speech about what it takes to last in the game. Why is he stalling? Is he coked up or what? Did he just shotgun a Coke? Finally, Probst starts reading. Kim gets a vote. Sabrina gets a vote. Kim gets a vote. Sabrina gets a vote. Kim gets a vote. Kim gets a vote. And the winner is... Kim. For all of the aftermath, check out the reunion recap!

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