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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Chelsea says that it felt good when Jeff noted that the women finally got rid of all the men. Alicia interviews that she's pretty sure Kim is with her and she knows that Christina is, so now they just have to get rid of Chelsea and Sabrina. Alicia also congratulates herself on playing "one hell of a game." Shouldn't she hold off on the congratulations until she's, you know, in the finals? Calm down, Skippy.

Man, nothing happened in the first half of this episode because there are a LOT more nature shots than usual. They're beautiful, but I'd like to see some scheming. The next morning, Kim and Sabrina go get treemail and talk strategy. Sabrina says that she wants to get rid of Alicia next. Kim points out that Alicia may get some jury votes, but she won't get many and the only person who could beat Kim and Sabrina in the finals is Chelsea. Sabrina wants to know why Kim thinks that and Kim says, "Just people that I think will vote for her." Well, I'm convinced. Sabrina notes that she doesn't know if there's any honor left in the game, but if there is then they would look like dicks for taking out Chelsea. And feel like dicks. I can't believe Sabrina hasn't at least thought about this scenario. She should have run through every possible iteration and had a Plan A, B, C and D.

Sabrina interviews that she was surprised when Kim raised the topic, but then again, things change in this game by the minute. Exactly. So why are you surprised? Sabrina won't commit to Kim's plan, but wants to know more. Kim says they'd have to take Christina as their third, because she's such a non-entity. Sabrina interviews that the whole conversation made her wonder if she'll be on the chopping block if Chelsea wins immunity today. Probably! Although it would be weird of Kim to bring it up to Sabrina and then vote her out. Alicia interviews that she really needs Chelsea to lose today's challenge or all her plans go down the toilet.

Immunity Challenge! This is a twist on a typical end-of-season challenge. The women have to walk along a raised beam maze and then go across a giant rope net while gathering five bags of puzzle pieces. After using the pieces to solve a puzzle, the women will get clues to three numbers, which they then put into a combination lock correctly to win the challenge.

Survivors ready? Go! Before they can even enter the maze, they have to untie knots to remove a board and open a gate. Christina, of all people, gets through first with Kim hot on her heels. Alicia is dead last. This maze is no joke. It's really long and the boards are about the width of a foot, so if you're twisting and turning to look around and see where you're heading, you could easily fall. Christina and Kim do actually fall off.

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