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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Alicia and Chelsea are the first on the net. The bags of puzzle pieces are tied to the rope net, so they have to untie them. Alicia is dumb and doesn't understand that she's only supposed to take bags that are the same color as her armband, so she unties a few bags for someone else before Probst reminds her of the rules. I think she was untying Sabrina's bag.

Chelsea is the first to get all her bags and go to the puzzle-solving platform. It seems like the people who are doing well (Chelsea, Alicia and Kim) are solving the middle part first (the words) while Christina and Sabrina are doing it more like a traditional jigsaw puzzle and working the edges first.

Kim solves the puzzle first and reads the clue. She has to count the number of skulls pictured on the puzzle and then count the number of pieces and then the number of words. Alicia and Chelsea also finish the puzzle. Probst says that Christina and Sabrina are completely out, which isn't true. People might get the numbers wrong. Shut up, Probst! Especially since Kim gets the numbers wrong on her first try. She tries a few different combinations, but then goes back down to recheck her count. Alicia tries and fails. Chelsea tries and fails. Alicia rechecks and then heads back up top. Finally, Kim gets the right numbers in the right order and wins immunity. I guess Probst was right about Sabrina and Christina. It turns out that, when counting the skulls, Kim didn't count the one cow skull that was on there with all of the human skulls, but she finally figured it out.

The women return from the challenge and talk about how hard that challenge was, but also fun. Kim interviews that she's glad she won, but now she has a ton of options and can't figure out which way to go. She recognizes that every person who gets voted out becomes a jury member who may not vote for her out of bitterness, so she has to balance who she can beat with who she thinks might vote for her in the end.

Kim and Chelsea take off to "go fishing." Seriously, if you're Alicia, you're just going to sit by while these two go off to have a nice, long strategy talk? She trusts Kim THAT much? Anyway, once Kim and Chelsea sit down to talk, Chelsea says they should take Alicia out tonight and go to the final three with Sabrina. Kim interviews that her options right now are to get rid of Alicia or to get rid of Chelsea. Chelsea gives a heartfelt speech about how they're both scared that the other can win and she thinks Kim has played a great game and Chelsea is just lucky that they bonded so early on. Kim is near tears as she says that she feels the same way. Chelsea interviews that Kim thinks Chelsea could win and still wants to take her to the finals, unless she's going to backstab her. Chelsea doesn't seem to seriously consider that option.

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