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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Chelsea has another idea: Kim can tell Alicia and Christina to vote for Chelsea and then Chelsea can play Kim's Idol and fireworks will ensue. That seems unnecessary. As far as Chelsea is concerned, they have a majority in votes anyway. I don't know that Chelsea was making a totally serious suggestion, though. She was kind of laughing throughout. Kim interviews that she kind of wishes she hadn't told Chelsea about the Idol and she's the only one that knows.

Kim talks to Sabrina and says that they're voting out Alicia. Christina and Alicia watch from the beach while they are tanning. Alicia notes that the conversation is happening, but she's not worried. She explains in an interview that she's sure Kim is on her side, because it just makes no sense that Kim would want to go up against Chelsea and Sabrina in the finals. That would be true if Kim is playing according to the traditional Survivor playbook: take people to the finals that you think you can beat. But that remains to be seen. Alicia tells herself to relax and not be paranoid, but maybe she should be a leeetle more paranoid. Anyway, Kim then tells Alicia and Christina that Chelsea isn't worried because she thinks they're voting Alicia. Christina interviews that she believes Kim, because Kim would be a fool to take Chelsea to the finals. So Christina's basically admitting that she's useless and can't win? I don't get her at all. At least Alicia truly believes that she's controlling this game, so she thinks that will earn her jury votes. Christina knows she hasn't been controlling the game and she knows that everyone wants her in the finals because she's useless. Why is she even there?

Kim's final words are that she's made sure each side knows what the other is doing just to solidify things. Both sides think that she's with them and now she has to make her decision, but she sees the pros on both sides so it's tough.

Tribal Council. The women are seated and then the jury enters. Tarzan looks a lot better all cleaned up, but he needs to cut his hair and shave his face. Probst starts out by asking Alicia how the vibe was around camp and Alicia says it was pretty quiet and no one was scrambling. Chelsea agrees and thinks it's because you don't need to scramble with only five people. Probst points out that there's still paranoia though, and Chelsea agrees, adding that it would suck to leave when they're so close to the finals.

Probst asks Kim if she had mixed feelings since, on the one hand, she has immunity but, on the other hand, she has to vote someone out. It's weird how Probst seemed to zero in on the fact that Kim is the deciding vote. I'm guessing there was a lot of talk before that and it got edited out. Kim says that she likes everyone who is left and also the choice will impact the jury composition as well. Probst wonders if she's made her decisions through the end and Kim says she'll have to make another decision tomorrow depending on who wins the final immunity.

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