Perception Is Not Always Reality

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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Probst keeps talking to Kim because we all know how everyone else is voting. He wonders what factors play into her voting decision and how she weighs those factors. She claims that loyalty is huge, which earns a big eyeroll from Kat. Probst thinks everyone left has been loyal and Kim gives a long-winded answer about perception and self-perception. Probst points out that most people would just take the person they know they can beat. Kim says that she should, but her heart gets in the way. She's made connections with people and listened to their stories and now she has to send someone home.

Probst offers everyone the chance to say a final word to Kim, so I guess it's just out in the open that Kim is the deciding vote. Alicia says that she and Kim have been allied since day one, so they don't even need to talk about it. Troy is disgusted for some reason. Sabrina says that she's good and has nothing to say. Probst can't believe it. Christina dully says that she's been true and loyal in every vote, which isn't true. She was throwing odd votes out there all along, probably to curry jury favor. Chelsea says that she knows Kim is worried about how the jury feels, but she thinks Kim has the chance to earn jury respect tonight. Kim agrees that she's worried about the jury but in the end, she just has to listen to her own feelings and remember why she's there. So I was really, really sure that she was voting out Chelsea after those statements. It seemed like Kim was saying that she's there to win and she knows she has to do what it takes to make that happen.

So who did Kim vote for? Probst tallies the vote and then no one plays a hidden Immunity Idol. As we already knew, there are two votes for Chelsea and two for Alicia. Kat whispers that Chelsea is leaving. I thought the jury wasn't allowed to talk. And the fourteenth person voted out is... Alicia. I was gobsmacked. I really, really thought Kim was going to follow the traditional Survivor playbook and take someone she knew she could beat and stick with Alicia and Christina. Kat whispers that Kim backstabbed her and Alicia. Ooh, Kat is going to be a bitter juror. In Alicia's exit interview, she says that she's not bitter and she's impressed by how well Kim fooled her. She's not so impressed with Christina, who is only there because Alicia convinced everyone to keep her. Seriously. I don't like Alicia, but I think I like Christina even less. I admire someone who has strong opinions -- even if I disagree with them -- over someone who has no opinions or agency.

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