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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

The final four return to camp. Kim apologizes for lying to Christina for a long time. Christina interviews that she thought she was going to the finals and Kim did a great job playing her. Kim says that Christina is resilient and Christina says it's totally okay that they screwed her over. No big deal, guys! Step all over me! I'm a doormat! Christina interviews that people don't think she deserves to be here and... then she has no argument against that because she's so lame.

Kim and Chelsea whisper that if Christina wins immunity, she will cry. Chelsea interviews that she was really worried about going home and she owes a huge debt to Kim. She adds that Christina is not well-spoken and it'll be a joke if she tries to explain her "strategy" to a jury. No doubt. So now Chelsea and Kim have to figure out if they're taking Sabrina or Christina. I mean, I would says that Christina is a no-brainer, but Kim has shown that she's not really down with taking the easy way out, so who knows?

The next morning, Christina gets treemail. She interviews that she knows she needs to win this challenge and in previous challenges, she has gone at "a mediocre pace." I don't think she knows what mediocre means, and I would argue that her game thus far has been sub-mediocre anyway. Kim tells Sabrina that she doesn't want Christina to go into the challenge thinking that it's do or die, because they're worried that she might pull it off by some miracle.

Christina reads the treemail, which tells them to go on the Walk of Fallen Survivors on their way to the immunity challenge. Sigh. I thought we were done with this. Well, let's dispense with this in one sentence each, representing what the finalists thought of each one. Courtney: she hurt her wrist and never got to play. Nina: she hated younger women. Matt: he was cute but argumentative. Bill: he made some people laugh, but Colton hated him. Monica: she was kick-ass but just didn't make it into the alliance formed on day one. Colton: his evacuation was a game-changer. Jonas: he cooked good food. Michael: he was big. Seriously, that's all they said. Jay: A nice guy with a good outlook on life. Leif: small in stature but big in heart and a gentle soul. I think that's a nice way of saying "kind of dumb." Troy: biggest strategic threat in the game and he was the only one who almost broke up the women's alliance. Kat: brave and determined. Tarzan: he grew on us. Alicia: made it a lot further than anyone thought when they saw her on day one with her five-inch heels. Then they burn all the nametags they gathered along the way.

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