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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Kim finds Chelsea and tells her about the conversation with Christina. Kim says that it's hard to not take Christina because she won't get votes. Kim interviews that Christina didn't even fight for the chance to stay, but Kim has decided to stick with her alliance. They edit together a bunch of different statements from Kim (they stick them in a voice-over, so I have to imagine they are taken from a bunch of different interviews and they're hiding it by not showing her saying them in different outfits with different hair or whatever) to try to make us think there's a chance Kim might still want to take Christina but it's not even really Kim's call at this point. If Chelsea and Sabrina vote for Christina, the best Kim could do is a tie and I don't think she'll risk that. Plus, Christina sucks.

Tribal Council. Probst reminds them that Kim is going to the finals no matter what and now they'll find out who will join her. Probst wants to know if it was a busy afternoon with people scrambling and Kim says it was actually quiet. Sabrina adds that the cards were laid out after the challenge and everyone knew what was happening. Probst thinks that means one person had to be scrambling, if it was clear who was getting the votes. Chelsea says they made it clear and Probst wants to know who it is. No one speaks until Christina finally says it's her and the alliance of the other three is really strong.

Probst actually does a good job pursuing this and asks why Christina didn't scramble if she knew she was being voted out. I mean, she has nothing to lose. Christina says that Sabrina hasn't done well on challenges and hasn't done anything with strategy. So now Christina is trying to say that she's more DESERVING than Sabrina? That is possibly the worst argument that she could have made. She is terrible at this. My two-year-old has better debating skills and most of our debates are about how he wants more candy and I say no more candy.

Probst wants to know if Sabrina is surprised that Christina is just going to lie down and die. Sabrina says she doesn't know what's going on in Christina's mind, but that even if it didn't always show, Sabrina has been involved in strategy since day one. She adds that if her name was out there as a potential evictee, she would try everything possible to change that. Because you are a human with a functioning brain! On the jury, Kat whispers that Sabrina is a great speaker. NO TALKING ON THE JURY! It's really bothering me.

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