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Rolling Over and Playing Dead

Probst says that the most unlikely people have won this game, but you have to be in the finals to win. He continues that there are lots of people on the jury who would have liked to have Christina's opportunity. Christina says she understands, but with Alicia gone she didn't see a way to break up the dominant alliance. So she didn't try. Probst asks Kim if she would have done the same thing in Christina's place. Kim says she wouldn't and Christina had a lot of arguments she could have made for herself today, but she decided not to.

When Sabrina votes, she whispers that Christina didn't even play the game and she's not even sure if Christina knew they were playing Survivor. Seriously. Did she think it was a nice vacation and one person disappeared every three days? Did she think she was filming a horror movie? Anyway, Christina gets voted out three to one... shocker. What a waste of space.

The next morning, Sabrina gets up really early and watches the sunrise, and cries about how amazing this experience has been and how it's almost time to go home. She confesses that she got laid off from her teaching job two weeks before she left, but she would still like her former students to see what she's done and aspire to something more than what they see around them. I feel like we didn't learn much about Sabrina as a person this season so the editors just threw that in there to make up for ignoring her in past weeks.

As the three remaining women walk to get treemail, Kim jokes that she's going to tell the jury that she did lie to them and vote them out, but she has no boobs left, so they should have mercy. Kim is looking quite skeletal, it's true. When they arrive at the mailbox, they find breakfast and mimosas. Chelsea interviews that she didn't expect to make the finals and she got a lot more from the experience than the million dollars in terms of friendships and memories. I bet that million dollars would be nice, though.

Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina make mimosas and toast one another. Kim's background interview is about how she recently got divorced and this experience helped her regain her confidence and her ability to make decisions without making huge mistakes. I bet her ex-husband is watching this like, "SHIT! That was bad timing."

The three women arrive at Tribal Council that night to face the jury. After everyone is seated, Probst congratulates the final three women for going as far as it's possible to go in this game and reminds them that the power shifts to the jury now, as they will be voting for the winner. Each woman will make an opening statement and then the jury members get to ask questions.

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