Perilous Scramble

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Cirie Takes A Stand

Terry will be keeping the immunity necklace. Now, it's time to vote. Cirie votes for Courtney, calling it "a strategic move." Terry votes for Aras, saying, "I couldn't have asked for a better rival." Aras votes. Shane votes for Chiclets: "You get to eat as much as you want, and I will never yell at you again." Courtney votes for Aras, calling him "brother." Hey, who hasn't had to bump off a sibling here and there? Chiclets votes.

Now, it's time to read the votes. One for Aras. One for Chiclets. Another for Aras. Shane looks a little surprised. One for Courtney. Another for Courtney. Now Shane does a double-take, which is very satisfying if you dislike Shane powerfully enough. Since I dislike Shane powerfully enough to satisfy several people, you can imagine how much I enjoy that double-take. And then there is a third vote for Courtney, so she's done. Shane looks stunned. Terry just looks...disappointed. Emotionless! God. Courtney pauses to give a drama-queen look over her shoulder as she leaves. She is never talking to you guys again! They all take their torches and head back to camp. The fact that both Terry and Shane were foiled in the same tribal makes catching a fish look like small change, Cirie.

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