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Cirie Takes A Stand

The plane lands, leaving Terry, Chiclets, and Courtney to go on their feast. And indeed, there is Terry's car. "It was righteous, man," Terry says. Oh, good grief. GMC Yukons are not "righteous," dear. Terry also tells us that when his wife sent him away, she just wanted him to win the car. See? He's doing it all for the little lady. "Let's see what this bad boy can do," he says, as they get in the car. And seriously, Terry -- to paraphrase a fine lady, a GMC Yukon is not a "bad boy," either. They all drive to the beach and start to unload for their barbecue. Courtney says that it was nice to be on the winning side, and this was her "dream team." As Chiclets plays with a soccer ball, Terry says to Courtney that he would "do anything to get us [meaning this group] to a final three." Well, of course he would! Two people, both of whom he can beat in an F3, one of whom is the most hated person on the tribe? No shit he would do anything to get these two to F3 with him. Terry voices over that he's going to try to "forge a relationship" with the women. That Terry. He's always, always, always forging relationships. They seem difficult to forge, though. Courtney happily says to Terry that if they can just take Aras out this time, and then take Shane out next time, they'll be in the final four with Cirie. They seem to take it as a given that Cirie would obviously not win immunity, and would be easily dispensed with. Courtney says that joining up with Terry has been in her mind for a while, because she thinks she has a decent chance against him to actually win the million dollars. F2 voting is always very tricky to predict, but I can see why she might think that way.

When Chiclets joins the conversation, Terry tells her that they've been talking about the three of them going to the final four together. Chiclets explains in an interview that it's not like she was surprised that Terry would rather be in an F4 with the three women rather than with Aras and Shane. "I like that idea," Chiclets says, "but he's going to have to change up his strategy a little bit, too. I'm not going to make this so easy for him to win." I'm not sure she has it in her to force the issue all that much, but it's nice to see someone at least not wanting to lie down and follow the boys wherever they ask her to go.

Gitanos, Day 29. Cirie and Shane are bored. Shane wants to discuss strategy. Shane is happy that they're through to F5, because if Terry wins immunity, their plan is to boot Chiclets. "But then there's still Courtney," Cirie says. "It'll be me, you, and Courtney." Wait, what? Shane says that either of them would "beat Courtney," and I'm not sure whether that a vote? In an immunity challenge? In a final immunity challenge? Is there an F2 pact here that excludes Aras? I feel like I require clarification, not to nitpick. Cirie interviews that Shane just might be able to win if he takes Courtney to F2. Against anybody else, Cirie thinks Shane is probably screwed, but he might win the money if he could get there with Courtney. Cirie interviews that Courtney is more dangerous to her than having Terry around: "So I just want to get rid of Courtney as soon as I possibly can, and then go from there." That interesting theory. I'm not sure it's ultimately going to save Cirie, who I still think is likely to go at F4 or so (if not before), based on the unlikelihood of her winning immunity and the likelihood that she would have an excellent chance of winning against almost any of these fools.

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