Perilous Scramble

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Cirie Takes A Stand

Gitanos, still on Day 30. Terry tells us that winning was "awesome." He also thinks that Aras knows he's on the block. Courtney and Cirie chat, and Courtney says that nobody can beat Aras in a final, so he's still the biggest threat, and they should still be good for F4 with the two of them, Chiclets, and Terry. Courtney says that they'll all vote for Aras, and Aras and Shane will vote for Chiclets. Courtney interviews that this will piss off Shane, but she'll deal with "the wrath of Shane" later. Courtney calls Terry over with a weird whistle, pointing out that she at least put up a fight in the challenge. Terry patronizingly tells her that she "kicked [his] ass." Does he think she's slow or something? I mean, as I understand it, Courtney was a very serious athlete at one point, so she probably knows that when you lose, a person who beat you telling you that you "kicked [his] ass" is not acting out of sincerity so much as pity. Terry interviews that they're sending Aras home tonight, and everything's good. His oats, they are many, and he is feeling every one of them.

Now, Cirie talks to Shane, and she claims that Courtney called her over only to make sure she was okay with voting out Chiclets. Now, it seems like Aras is around, as well. Shane asks Courtney whether everything's okay. She says that while "nothing's okay," nothing's changing about voting off Chiclets. "Shane wants to take Courtney to the final two," Cirie interviews again. She knows that Terry does, too, which makes Courtney "the most dangerous person out here." She says that getting rid of Courtney will give her, Aras, and Chiclets "more leverage." Now, she pulls Aras over and explains everything that's going on. Aras talks about how she "has [his] back," which totally is not the point. Aras, Cirie, and Chiclets have a talk in which Cirie says that the only way to keep Aras is for the three of them to vote for Courtney. Then Terry and Courtney will vote for Aras, and Shane will vote for Chiclets. Chiclets question is whether she'd rather be with Aras and Cirie or Terry, Courtney and Cirie. Chiclets, of course, needs reassurance that Terry and Courtney are really going to vote for Aras, because she can't vote for Courtney if it means that Terry and Courtney will go along with Shane and vote for her -- that's a tie, which is no good. "If you want to be here tomorrow," Cirie says, "you, me, and Aras have to vote Courtney." Cirie interviews that she just hopes Chiclets doesn't freak out and just "stays calm tonight and follows through with the plan."

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