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Cirie Takes A Stand

Tribal council. Everyone has a seat. Jeff brings in the jury, including -- Bruce! He gets a big round of applause. Jeff says that Bruce spent a few days in a hospital, but it kind of looks like he spent it at a salon. He looks oddly...less weathered and more weathered at the same time. Less weathered like Hawaii, more weathered like L.A. Also, Sally has decided to wear every kind of makeup she has ever owned to celebrate her debut on the jury. Yay! That's always a good idea. Now, Jeff asks Terry about the bonding that took place after the reward challenge he won with Chiclets and Courtney, and Terry confirms that group bonding took place. He clearly doesn't want to say too much and reveal the masterstroke that he is about to display. Jeff asks Cirie whether she believes Terry's claim that the bonding involves putting the game aside for a while, and Cirie says she does not. She says it's a game, and people are always playing: "As long as you're here and your torch is lit, the game is still going on." When did she get so smart? It's very weird.

Jeff brings up Terry's immunity run, asking whether people have approached him for alliances. He says not really, and "the pressure's up" to win every immunity challenge. Aras acknowledges that somebody from their group, which has held up pretty well, has to go home tonight, and that it might be him. Jeff brings up the pros and cons, saying that on the one hand, Aras is a threat, but on the other hand, he's the best shot they have at beating Terry, maybe, so how does that play out? Aras agrees, and says they have a better chance at a group level if they keep him. Jeff asks Shane how you decide who to get rid of. Too early to think about F2? Shane talks about how they have to "eat one of [their] own," and says that it will be "dramatic."

Jeff asks Chiclets whether she has thoughts about F2. Chiclets says she just can't stop numbers from rattling around in her head. I have that same problem whenever I count past about seventeen. Then he asks Courtney about being called "most annoying" and so forth during the challenge last week, and whether she thinks that she might get herself to F2 on the basis of being disliked. Courtney claims she isn't thinking about that challenge, and that F2 decisions have to be made later, not right now. Courtney will, of course, be thinking about that challenge for the rest of her life, and she will base her vote on something at least tangentially related to it, I guarantee you. She's exactly that kind of person.

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