Persona Non Grata

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Early the next morning, Brandon asks everyone to gather around and says that he's had a change in perspective and he's decided that instead of leaving for his family, he's going to stay for his family. I was going to put something here where I tried to understand or explain his thought process, but I just can't. He's mentally ill. He makes zero sense and you can't understand why he thinks the way he does. It makes me sad, but it must be really frustrating to be on his tribe. After he told them he was going to leave and the scary thoughts that he's confessed to having, I'm sure some of them were relieved. And now he's like, "Psych! I'm staying!" I would be done with it. I wouldn't even engage him anymore. Don't stick your hand in the crazy, as they say. Brandon giggles in an interview that he's going to be more intense than ever and he doesn't know WHAT he'll do. That's what I'm worried about.

Reward Challenge. Two tribe members will use a rope and pulley to hold up nets while the members of the other tribe will toss coconuts into the nets. The last tribe with a net still in the air wins reward, which is a barbecue feast. Brandon and Phillip are holding up the nets for the Favorites, and Michael and Matt are holding the nets for the Fans. Why not Eddie? I don't understand. When Sherri goes to toss a coconut into Phillip's net, Phillip yells out "Kunta Kinte" and she drops it. The sound editors have a good time with her next few shots, tossing in the "marble hitting a wok" sound effect whenever she misses. Most of her coconuts seem to hit the rim and bounce back and Probst yells out, "Sherri is useless in this challenge." What the fuck, Probst? Who asked you? Would it kill you to say something like, "Sherri, struggling to make a basket." How many baskets has Cochran made? God, he's the worst.

Brandon is the first to let go, and he stares at his empty hands as if he can't believe how they betrayed him. Shortly thereafter, the rope slides through Matt's hands and he drops his net. Now that each tribe only has one net to concentrate on, the weight comes fast and furious. Phillip pulls his rope back and Probst says something about how he's struggling to hang on. Phillip retorts, "No struggle here, baby." Michael starts shaking, which is a bad sign, and it looks like either his hands got rope burn or they're cramping up as he can't even put them on the rope anymore. That's not good for his tribe; he drops the rope and the Fans lose. The Favorites come and collect their booty as the Fans head back to camp empty-handed. So much for their "get rid of Laura and we'll win every challenge" theory.

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