Persona Non Grata

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Brenda asks Phillip if they should rebuild the shelter or something and Phillip says he wants to save his energy for challenges. Brandon mutters, "She was just making a suggestion, Phillip." First of all, Brenda can stick up for herself and second, she asked Phillip what he wanted to do. That's how you know Brandon is picking a fight. Phillip is pretty calm and says he's not going to argue with Brandon, but Brandon keeps picking at him, so Phillip leaves the shelter and starts chopping wood. Corinne interviews that Brandon is unpredictable and Malcolm interviews that Brandon snapped and at some point he's going to be more of a drain on the camp than he is useful. I'd say that point was... five seconds after they landed on the beach. Like ten seconds later, Brandon asks the others if he should apologize to Phillip and everyone is like, "NOOOO! Leave him alone for a bit."

Phillip, clearly aggravated, interviews that Brandon's a punk and he wants Brandon out of the game immediately and if the others disagree, Phillip is going to change the game. Brandon is so crazy that sometimes I forget that Phillip is crazy too -- mostly because Phillip is annoying-but-harmless crazy, while Brandon is might-stab-you-in-your-sleep crazy. Phillip and Brandon talk on the beach. Phillip basically tells Brandon, "You should be grateful because I will make sure you get further in the game than you did last time." Brandon wonders why Phillip gets to make that decision and thinks he should determine his own fate. Phillip just shakes his head no.

Here's what Brandon is either too dumb or too crazy to understand: everyone else is just humoring Phillip. They're letting him think he's controlling the game because it's easier than arguing with him and they'll dump him at the first opportunity, unless they think he'd make a good goat. I don't know why Brandon is taking Phillip's craziness to heart, but he is. Isn't this basically the same thing Phillip said to Erik? Brandon interviews that he kissed Phillip's butt and now he needs to keep himself in check or there'll be problems. Brandon apologizes to Phillip and they return to the game, but Phillip interviews that as far as he's concerned, Brandon is "persona non grata" (ding ding ding episode title!) and he's going to get rid of Brandon at the first opportunity.

The next morning and it's still raining. Have I mentioned how much the Fans' shelter sucks? It's awful. I mean, it's barely a shelter. The Favorites can all sit inside their shelter and they have a tarp. The Fans can only lie down in their shelter and the roof doesn't appear to keep the rain out very well. As a result, Matt's feet are messed up. I mean, they look like a dead person's feet. Michael tries to talk everyone into trying to make things better. He interviews that things are hellish, but they can't just sit there and hope that things get better because it won't happen. As Eddie tries to move some branches around, it starts pouring even harder. The tribe huddles in the shelter and just wishes for something good to happen.

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