Persona Non Grata

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I don't know what kind of response Brandon was hoping for there, but that wasn't it, so he announces that he's going to give everyone a reason to vote him out. He returns to the shelter and dumps out the giant urn of rice as everyone yells at him to stop. Then he grabs the beans and tries to dump them out. Erik gets to him, but can't stop him; I don't think anyone else wants to physically get in his way.

Meanwhile, Phillip just walks away down the beach, not wanting to get involved, which might be the smartest thing he's ever done. Brandon yells, "With your Stealth R Us bullshit! Come on, bitch! I thought you were a secret agent, come get some!" and knocks down one of their lounge chairs. Everyone else scrambles to pick up the rice as best they can. Most of the tribe members look scared. Dawn, who is such a mom, tries to tell Brandon to take some time and calm down, but he keeps pacing around and then raises his arms and yells, "I'm the author of my fate. I'm the author of my fate!" The rest of the tribe continues to clean up and Corinne asks if they should just forfeit the challenge and go directly to Tribal as Brandon paces alone on the beach. Dawn interviews that they're actually considering giving up immunity, which you never do in this game, but they don't know if Brandon can control himself and stay a part of the game any more.

This is where I think the producers should have intervened. Brandon is obviously out of control. His tribemates are rightfully frightened for their personal and physical safety. He has tried and tried to pick a fight with Phillip, who's not the most stable person to begin with, but he's handled it fairly well. The tribe should not have to make this decision. The producers should cancel the challenge and remove Brandon from the game. I mean, would you want to be in the camp for a few hours with Brandon and the machete? Not knowing what might set him off? Fuck that noise.

Both tribes show up for the Immunity Challenge. Probst asks Reynold how the long, rainy night affected their attitudes and Reynold gives a rambling answer about how the Favorites tribe has all the reward bling, but they still have to put up with the shitty weather, so it's an equalizer. Probst asks Cochran how fatigue is affecting their morale, and Cochran says flatly that it makes everyone grumpy and it's not good for anyone. The Favorites tribe is clearly just over Brandon, and he doesn't look too happy either. Their facial expressions and body language speak volumes.

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