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Probst asks Brandon how he's doing, and Brandon says not well and that he had an outburst with Phillip this morning. Brandon wants to talk to the other tribe. He steps off the mat and tells the Fans that he's giving them an opportunity today, and begs them to use it to prevent Phillip from winning. Is he joining the other tribe? Can he just switch tribes like that? I don't think the game works that way.

Reynold asks where Brandon is going. Corinne asks to speak and gives an obviously rehearsed speech about how they're going to forfeit the challenge so they can go to Tribal. Brandon starts yelling that Corinne's speech is bullshit and that the Fans deserve a chance to play, because they're underdogs like him. So what does he want? He wants them to earn immunity? Because they're underdogs?

Probst asks Brandon to come stand by him (probably so he can grab and restrain Brandon if he makes a move on someone, since Brandon is getting more and more agitated). Brandon goes on a tear about how Phillip has made an alliance and talks about himself as if he's the greatest when in reality, Boston Rob is the only reason he made it to the end last time. I mean, Brandon's not wrong but I seriously think his eyes turned completely black by the end of that rant and he was screaming and cursing. It's scary. Even if the producers didn't see the point of removing Brandon after he vandalized the camp, now is the time for them to do so. Or at the very least, Probst should clear the set, have the two tribes go elsewhere and talk to Brandon alone, off camera. And then talk to the Favorites tribe off-camera to find out if they feel unsafe or threatened. Letting Brandon go off like this is exploitative. I don't enjoy watching someone's mental breakdown. This isn't entertainment.

Probst, I guess, tries to get Brandon to calm down by explaining that verbal arguments and the like are part of Survivor and Brandon should be used to that. Brandon says that he had a really rough time after he was on the show the first time, so he didn't want to come on the show again just to be played for a fool, and he calloused himself so he wouldn't be affected by people who only cared about themselves. Again, I think Brandon has a fundamental misunderstanding of what this show is about, much like Russell did. It's why I don't enjoy watching them play. Look, I can handle watching people I think are dipshits or assholes. But I don't enjoy watching people who are trying to make Survivor into something it's not. For Russell and Brandon, it seems to be a test of your manhood. For Russell, you win by making everyone else look dumb. He never got that the final step is getting those people to vote for you. For Brandon, you win by... I don't know, making friends? Providing for people? Creating a new community? And he never got that only one person can win the game, which means that if you win, eventually you've voted off just about every one of your friends.

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