Persona Non Grata

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Okay, Brandon had his say. Time to vote, right? Nope. Probst wants to drag out the drama so he asks Phillip for his side of things. No one cares about Phillip's side of things, Probst. Wrap this up. Anyway, Phillip says Brandon begged to be in their alliance even after trying to vote out Andrea. At this, Andrea starts sobbing and says that she and Brandon have become really close. I don't blame her for the crying; it's been a really stressful and exhausting few days for their tribe.

When Probst asks, Andrea says that they've been so unified as a tribe and it's been difficult to watch two people fight. Phillip retorts that he hasn't done any name-calling and Andrea gets frustrated and says that Brandon has. Brandon and Phillip immediately start yelling at one another about nonsense. I mean, honestly, does it matter who's right and who's wrong at this point? The inmates are running the asylum. As Brandon starts taking steps toward Phillip, Probst puts his arm around Brandon's shoulders and pulls him back, then asks him to look at him. Brandon says he will avoid getting physical for Probst, who appreciates it. Maybe Probst could return the favor and, I don't know, remove him from the equation?

Probst notices that Dawn is doing some major yoga breathing and asks what's up. Dawn says this whole thing is too stressful and it's taking her out of the game, and she's there to play the game. Brandon wants to share his thought process. As if he has a process. Anyway, he apparently thought that if the Fans weren't eating, the Favorites shouldn't either, so he dumped all the rice and beans. Yeah, I'm so sure that was his reasoning. It wasn't at all petty and spiteful because he was pissed that his tribe was voting him out. That's a nice origin story Brandon has retconned, but I'm not buying it. Corinne tries to respond but they've obviously agreed not to bother responding to Brandon's diatribes as Dawn grabs her hand and Malcolm says quietly, "Corinne" and she shuts up.

I should probably mention how the Fans are reacting to this information dump/carnival sideshow. Reynold, at the beginning, looked fairly delighted and entertained since I'm sure they imagined that everything was peachy with the Favorites. Sherri looks concerned and curious. Everyone else is somewhere in between.

Probst asks Brandon if this behavior is "in the blood" because God forbid he not mention Russell, who can die in a fire as far as I'm concerned. Brandon says he's proud that the Hantzes speak their minds. Phillip says he never had any bad feelings towards Brandon and he doesn't know where this is coming from, and it's all in Brandon's mind. Phillip needs to shut up. Brandon says so. Phillip makes it personal and starts talking about Russell and Brandon's kids, which is a huge mistake. Brandon hears "kids" and flips out, and Probst grabs Brandon's shoulders and gives him a shoulder rub, mostly just to contain him, I guess.

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