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Burton's Plan Is All Wet

The sun beats down. Birds fly around in search of Tippi Hedren. We float in over the beach and then zoom abruptly toward the site of this week's reward challenge. The two teams take their positions on the mat, and Jeff "Earning The Right To Ditch My Old Nickname By Reaching New Heights Of Sarcasm And Bitchery" Probst welcomes them, pointing out the absence of Lill in case Drake missed it. In today's challenge, he explains, each team will be solving a jigsaw puzzle made of sixteen large pieces, eight of which are out underwater and eight of which are buried in the sand on the beach. One tribe member at a time will go retrieve a piece from either the sand or the water and bring it back, and then another tribe member can go. They can't start putting the puzzle together until they have all the pieces. And what is the reward this week? Well, in addition to another treasure-map section and the right to loot the opposing tribe's camp, the winning team will get an old-fashioned (i.e., non-electric) sewing machine and a bunch of material. For people who've now been in the same clothes for ten days (YIKES), that's a pretty big reward. I've got to think those clothes are about ready to rise up and revolt.

Drake sits out Shawn, Michelle, and Christa. Ryan-O and Burton line up and put on the same masks that caused so much trouble for old Ryan S. a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, after Jeff sends them off into the water, we do not get a shot of Ryan-O's goodies peeking out through his shorts as we did last time. Aw. It's always the stuff you want to go unrepaired that gets fixed first. Ryan-O and Burton both go out into the water, and Burton is first to dive and retrieve a puzzle piece. When he gets back to the team, he tags Sandra, who goes for a piece in the sand. "Dig like your name! Saaaaaaand-ra!" Christa yells. Hee, that was kinda funny. I have to admit that I started out anti-Christa because of, but she's growing on me. If she had someone else's voice, she'd be one of my favorites. Anyway, Sandra retrieves the piece and tags Rupert just as Ryan-O returns with Morgan's first piece. He tags Andrew, who quickly gets a piece out of the sand. Tijuana, not taking the mask and losing first her skirt ("Showing a little booty," Jeff remarks) and then her top (which means pixels, pixels, pixels, and somebody's rakish "Yeah!") goes out next. Rupert returns with the third Drake piece, and Trish heads for the sand. Tijuana, meanwhile, struggles mightily with the part about hunting around underwater, because she didn't take the mask with her for whatever reason. Trish apparently already found her piece and tagged Jon, because there he is, getting one out of the sand as well. Burton charges back out into the water and snags a piece while Tijuana continues to struggle. Finally, she snags a piece just as Burton returns and tags Sandra again. Sandra digs at the beach, and when she's done, she tags Rupert, who goes into the water.

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