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Swarming crabs feast on a rotting something-or-other. Heh.

Ethan bitches in an interview that what makes him the most angry is the judgment that Jerri is "more worthy" to be there than he is. Jesus. Since when is that the basis is Survivor voting? Ohhhhh. This is where it hits me. Ethan loves the idea that Survivor voting is based on who's the most worthy. And why does Ethan love that idea? Because Ethan won last time. And therefore, Ethan likes the idea that winning is a meritocracy, and represents the judgment of your peers that you are the most worthy, because it benefits him and translates what is basically a game-show win into a judgment on how cool of a guy you are. I think it's causing a bit of cognitive dissonance for Ethan to be forced into an admission that in all likelihood, he won last time in part due to other people's efforts to advance themselves, rather than due to their judgment that he was "more worthy." Get over it, ass. You won a game show. Now you're losing a game show. You want to be judged worthy? Go be worthy. Whatever. "I don't know what game they're playing," he bitches in an interview. That would be Survivor, Ethan, in which they are attempting to win money, not select the next Pope. I mean, honestly.

Ethan sits down with Kathy and tries to talk her over to his side. He explains about the conversation with Lex, and grunts as he tries to explain his anger that Jerri is being brought along as a vote Lex thinks will go with him and not because she's such a good person. "There's no rhyme or reason of how Lex is playing this game," he insists, trying to convince Kathy that Jerri may wind up going farther than Kathy will. Of course, there's a perfect rhyme or reason to it, which is that Ethan is an individual immunity threat, as well as a fast-talking smoothie, and Lex isn't interested in being aligned with him. But Ethan chalks it up to, I guess, randomness? Kathy interviews that Ethan is "a nice guy." He has "a big heart." Kathy tells Ethan that she doesn't want to take Lex out before Jerri, so it appears to me that Ethan was actually attempting to get Kathy to vote out Lex originally. Does that mean he thinks Lex is less "worthy" than Shii Ann? Hmm, that Ethanverse is a very confusing place. I need a map. Ethan tells Kathy that he'll be voting for Jerri, and that she and Shii Ann can think about whether they want to join him.

Evening. Trip to tribal council. Kathy voices over that "looking into Ethan's eyes" makes her think about trust and loyalty and something something, and "there is no way [she wants] Jerri in the final four." This is precisely, by the way, why Lex wants to get rid of Ethan. Get rid of Ethan now, while you still have Jerri's free vote. Seems totally obvious to me, but...I'm not Kathy. Or Ethan. Fortunately. Kathy yaps insufferably about how she wants the win to go to someone with lots of bug bites whose "fingers are gnarled" from work. Oh, come the fuck on. "I'm sorry, it's just the way I am," she says in her very special faux-noble fashion. You know, I don't appreciate her bringing me so far into her core of self-satisfaction.

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