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Fishing For Compliments

Jeff goes off to tally, and because it doesn't take long to count to five, he quickly returns. First vote Ethan. Second vote "Jerry." Second vote Ethan. Next vote? Ethan. Adios, creep. Ethan hugs and kisses everyone on the way out, because if you're going to lose anyway, you might as well start working that "nice guy" thing just as hard as you can. After being snuffed, he turns back to the tribe: "Have fun, play hard, don't let the bedbugs bite." Yeah. Real graceful, there, considering the barely restrained fury. When Ethan's gone, Jeff gives a little speech about how valuable trust is getting to be, and he sends them back to camp.

In his farewell speech, Ethan pretends to be nice, because he's going back to real life, and in real life, that's what he does.

Next week: Clip show! Boooooo.

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