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The morning of Day 20 dawns at Mogo Mogo, and Ethan sits with his buff wrapped around his head, Fairplay-style, hearing from everyone about Colby's departure and how Colby never saw it coming. It's sort of interesting -- you don't often hear the tribe discussing people after they're gone. To her credit, Jerri seems to be staying mostly out of this particular powwow. She seems aware that she can't avoid looking like she's gloating if she gets too far into the dissection of the downfall of her nemesis, so she's doing what she said she was going to do from the beginning -- keeping her mouth shut. Ethan is wearing a dumb little grimace. In an interview, he grins from ear to ear, trying to appear cute, and says, "Ooh, don't I feel silly." He voices over that he was expecting a single vote for him (Jerri's) and four for Jerri: "I thought everything was going smoothly, and...boom." He comments that he was just as fooled as Colby was by what happened, in the end. "And I had no idea," he says. Well, at least he admits it. Clouds fly across the sky. Time passes. And...Ethan is still talking. He says that he had believed himself to be pretty close to Lex, but obviously this turn of events makes him question that: "Not after I was left out of those plans." Ethan mourns the loss of his "bond" with Lex. Apparently, Ethan must have intended eventually to step aside and allow Lex to win the money if it came down to that, rather than trying to win it for himself, because if not, he's being an enormous crybaby hypocrite, and I'm sure it's not that. "That hurts," Ethan says with great earnestness, trying to make himself seem sympathetic and failing miserably.

In an interview, Jerri finally lets out the gloating laugh she has been working her ass off to contain at camp. She claps her hands and giggles joyfully: "Yes, I feel...I could be evil right now, but boy, does it feel good." The sun beats down. She sits on the beach, holding her head, trying to contain the evil gloating that is trying to burst from the top of her head, fully formed, like something out of Greek mythology. She interviews that she has now achieved one of her goals in the game, which was outlasting Colby: "Knock knock, you hear that sound, Colby? That's the bellboy, and he just took all my baggage away." Well...I mean, apparently not, given that you kind of lose your advantage in that area if you have to mention it, but I'll admit that she might be down to a small carry-on instead of hauling around six of those trunks people took on trips across the Atlantic once upon a time.

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