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Over at Chapera, Alicia, Jenna, and Amber open up some treemail. It includes a bottle with a rolled-up note inside. The note with the bottle tells them that one representative of the team has to get on a boat and visit the other tribe. During the visit, they'll open the note in the bottle and read it aloud. Amber says that nobody wanted to be the one sent to Mogo Mogo. After all, what if that person has to stay and can't come back to Love Camp? No swing! No singing songs! No snuggles! Unable to decide on a team representative, Chapera draws straws, and it turns out that Jenna has to go to Mogo Mogo. She interviews good-naturedly but with great disappointment that she doesn't think this is a good sign. As the boat comes for her, Rob says, "All right, sweet-haaaht, have fun," and when you hear the Boston accent say "sweetheart," you understand (I hope) why Sars and I both have a sizable and undeniable soft spot for it. God, I love that. I should hire a guy from Boston (or, even better, Maine) to live in my apartment and call me "sweetheart" six times a day.

Anyway. Over at Mogo Mogo, Lex argues that nobody should be forced to go to Chapera who doesn't want to, and that it should be a decision everyone is comfortable with. Kathy, contrary to what she said she was going to do yesterday, tells everyone that she "definitely had a good rapport" with Chapera. So it's Kathy who's going. Well, that's good. Maybe now she can get those hugs, because God knows, Kathy gets all bent out of shape without her hugs. Damn hugs. Everyone yells that they love her as she heads out. Thanks for doing your part to cheapen the vocabulary, Mogo Mogo.

The boats carry the ambassadors in both directions. Jenna hops off at Mogo Mogo, and is welcomed by -- ew -- Shii Ann, of all people. They break open the bottle to get the message out. It instructs Jenna to survey the camp at Mogo Mogo and write down the three items she thinks her team would like to play for at the reward challenge. She's not supposed to tell anyone what she's picking.

Kathy returns to Chapera and acts obnoxiously triumphant and oh-I-know-you-love-me about it. Amber repeats the instructions. Alicia talks sarcastically about how Kathy tried to act like she was going to write down stuff they'd never miss. Alicia, however, has opened her calendar from yesterday and seen no entry for "be born," so she isn't buying. She talks about how the members of Chapera were all really uncomfortable, because their camp has a ton of stuff that they love and do not want to give up. In a truly gross interview, Kathy stresses the importance of "networking." Oh, bleh. Can we keep the annoying business-speak out of this, please? I didn't bring my Dilbert-to-English translator. Can she not say "building relationships" or "making friends" or "developing trust" or something other than "networking"? Because, ew. Anyway, Chapera has Kathy's number so thoroughly that they are now the official title-holders to her number, and they pet her with how happy they were to see her, and of course, she buys it -- hook, line, and sinker. She's very convinced that they dearly love her. Whatever, dummy. You're not nearly as crafty as you think.

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