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Fishing For Compliments

We cut directly to the scene of the challenge, which is a log-rolling setup over water. Jeff first calls Kathy and Jenna in, and then he invites the rest of the tribes to join them. He explains that the reward challenge will be played for -- duh -- the items that Kathy and Jenna wrote down. The challenge is a simple log-rolling game in which men will play men and women will play women. First person in the water is out; winner scores a point for his or her tribe. Reward will go to the first tribe to score five points. And now, to announce the chosen items. If Chapera wins, they will get the grill, one bag of rice, and the "Hawaiian sling" (which is the fishing spear). If Mogo Mogo wins, they will get one blanket, the parachute, and the tarp. So Kathy just screwed herself, because she just screwed Chapera by taking the stuff they most wanted to keep, after specifically promising she wouldn't. Idiot. Big Tom is sitting out the challenge for Chapera. Yeah, I'm not sure "lithe" is in the list of adjectives commonly used to describe Big Tom.

The first matchup is Shii Ann versus Alicia. Alicia loses her footing more than her balance, and goes in the water first. One point to Mogo Mogo. I think it's safe to say they have just found the only way Shii Ann will ever beat Alicia at competitive anything. Next matchup is Rupert versus Ethan. They essentially hit the water at the same time, but because Ethan bounces off the log on the way down (graceful!), he manages to win by about a millimeter. Two points Mogo Mogo, zippety-doo-dah for Chapera. Next up, Jenna and Kathy. Jenna -- who's been struggling in challenges of late -- does herself proud by not only dumping Kathy decisively, but by appearing to do it intentionally, through an actual plan to spin the log and dump her. Something very interesting that I think is a key to log-rolling strategy? Kathy is watching her own feet. Jenna is watching Kathy's feet. My own theory is that's how you do it. You don't need to see your own feet -- they're attached to you. You already know what they're doing. You have to watch the other person's feet, because it lets you anticipate. In other words, Jenna actually appears to do this challenge specifically well, as opposed to most of the other people who have gone so far, who just kind of lucked out by staying up for an instant longer than the opposition.

Next up, Lex and Rob. Rob takes over quickly and just runs him right off the thing -- you've seen Rob with the balance like a little monkey running vines at the zoo before, and he uses it to great advantage here. Lex appears to bounce off the log pretty hard, keeping his face clear of the surface by only about an inch. I'm telling you, somebody is going to break some teeth on this show pretty soon. They used to make us wear mouthguards for field hockey when I was in high school, and this is a lot more intimidating than field hockey, in terms of your dental integrity. Anyway: again, a decisive Chapera victory. Jerri next faces Amber. Boy, there's a clash of the titans. Again, Amber does an awesome job just running the thing in one direction until Jerri gets dumped. After those first two close calls, Chapera is kicking Mogo Mogo's ass very thoroughly at this point.

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