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Fishing For Compliments

Three to two, in favor of Chapera. Again, Shii Ann faces Alicia. At first, it's a standoff, and neither of them wants to move. Again, weirdly and semi-miraculously, Shii Ann manages to put Alicia in the water. Apparently, balance is not Alicia's strong suit. We're all tied up at three. And now, the one they've both been waiting for -- Ethan and Rob. They're both pretty studly, quite honestly, but Rob is a tiny bit quicker, and eventually he turns from the face-your-opponent phase to the turn-and-run phase, and he dumps Ethan in the drink. Whee! Kathy faces Amber, and whines for Amber to cut her some slack. Whatever. Don't do it, Amber. No slack! Amber is now in a position to bring home the reward for Chapera. Exactly the way she did last time, Amber just turns her body and starts running, and Kathy gets run right off the back of the log. I think what we've learned is that if you're the first person to turn and run rather than just teetering face-to-face, and if you can do it confidently and get yourself moving, you have a very good shot. That's what Jenna did, too. So once again, Chapera wins. Once again. You know how many challenges Chapera has participated in, as of this point? Eleven. Of which they have won seven. And in the first seven of the eleven, there were three tribes playing. That is a decisive margin of dominance. They all happily dive in the water and celebrate, while Jerri looks miserable. Jeff explains that Jenna will now return to Mogo Mogo and swipe the goods. More Chapera celebrating. More Mogo Mogo misery.

After the commercials, it is night at Mogo Mogo. The tribe sits around the fire, and Lex interviews that it's anxiety-producing to have somebody from the other tribe coming to raid some of your stuff. Shii Ann is determined to be very friendly and not "hostile" to Jenna. Lex interviews, not to anyone's great surprise, that they'll miss the fishing spear because it's a way of getting food. Ohh, is that why it's valuable? Thanks, Lex. I was wondering when you took up javelin. And as if that's not enough, he continues, Jenna will be taking a bag of rice, too. Oh, nooo, not the moldy rice! What will we eat with the rotten fish? Still on night-vision, Jenna gets off the boat at Mogo Mogo. As a peace offering, as it turns out, Jenna has brought a little of the bathroom reward to share with Mogo Mogo -- a bar of soap, some toilet paper, a little brush for washing clothes, and a toothbrush. Aw. That's nice, actually, and diplomatic. I don't blame her -- being put in the position of carrying out a raid at this late date is a good way to generate bad feelings right before a merge -- I kind of feel for her for being put in the position of doing it. Jenna interviews to essentially this effect -- that the raid is all part of the game. Shii Ann, before Jenna leaves, asks in front of the group whether Jenna would be willing to give up a couple of scoops of rice from the bag, because so much of their rice was moldy to begin with (as a result of their not keeping it dry, though this doesn't come up), and they don't have much left. Jenna -- both outnumbered and put in a totally impossible position -- really has no choice but to say yes, despite the fact that she has already given them a bunch of stuff she wasn't obligated to give. Lex complains in an interview that the tribe was carefully rationing the rice, and now in hindsight, he wishes they had eaten it all so that they wouldn't lose so much. Shii Ann tries to make nice about it as she gives Jenna the rice that she hasn't taken back for herself, but Jenna interviews that it's obvious Mogo Mogo is down at this point. "They're slowly losing everything they have," she says, with quite a flair for the obvious.

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