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Fishing For Compliments

Rob says faux-humbly that he now fears being embarrassed, but he takes off with the spear to see what he can accomplish, as Rupert continues talking to Big Tom about -- literally -- the one that got away. "I proceeded to go into the water and catch eleven fish myself," Rob interviews simply. There's a great shot of Rupert smiling in that creepy way he has where only his lower teeth show, in which you can completely tell that he is thinking one thing and one thing only: "Waaaaaaah!" But in his interview, Rupert takes a different tack: "Sometimes, I really like Boston Rob. Other times, I see him an arrogant pain in the ass." Like, for instance, when he's showing Rupert up, presumably. I'm thinking those are some of the "arrogant pain in the ass" times. Rupert continues: "You know, he wants to be the man." Rob voices over that Rupert was not happy when Rob brought back fish, because Rupert realized that he's just not as indispensable as he thinks he is: "I think it made him realize that we can use Rupert or the Hawaiian sling. The Hawaiian sling doesn't eat any rice. So Rupert's stock just went down about twenty points." It really is interesting to consider that Rupert just taught an entire college course in the growth of industrialized societies without even meaning to. Rupert? Meet all the guys who used to make cars in Detroit. Ask them about being replaced by robots -- they love that.

We fly nauseatingly around what is apparently the site of the next challenge, where there are several big targets lined up in a row. Jeff calls in the teams. Today's challenge, he explains, will "test your skills with a variety of weapons." In the first round, each person will take a shot with a blowgun, and whichever tribe gets closest to the center of the target gets two arrows. The other tribe gets one. Then they'll do the same with a second round consisting of spear-throwing. Then for the final round, each tribe will pick one person to, um, arch for them, and that person will pick up the bow and fire all the team's accumulated arrows at the target. Whoever gets closest to the center wins immunity. Alicia will be sitting out for Chapera.

First up, the blowgun round. Jenna is up first for Chapera. Do I really have to tell you she misses? She does. Next up, Jerri. If the middle of the target is Topeka, Kansas, she hits somewhere around Austin, Texas. (Colby: "Ow.") Amber's dart doesn't even get to the target. "Just not enough wind for Amber," Jeff says in a regretful way I found very funny. Shii Ann, too, is short of the target. Rob gets up and misses the target (he's off the coast of, say, South Carolina). Kathy is short of the target. Rupert's dart, surprisingly, appears to bounce harmlessly off the target somewhere around Salt Lake City. Ethan is way short of the target. Big Tom misses as well. So out of that entire round, only one person even hit the target, and that was Jerri. Jesus. That was an example of failed challenge-testing, I think.

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